Then and Now


Know what dates your home – and what to do about it


Keep your furniture updated in your most enjoyed rooms. Saggy, torn or worn furniture makes everything else feel outdated.


Twenty years ago, acid wash jeans and Flock of Seagulls hairstyles were all the rage — but times have changed. While you may have been quick to drop the fashions of yesterday, many homes remain a relic of the past.

The key players in giving away the age of a home are wall color, carpet and furniture — and the quickest and most cost-effective update is new paint.

“Paint will freshen up the dingy, dated, dirty walls,” says Kristen Lamb, owner of DesignIt Boutique in Woodland Hills. “It will leave a home feeling fresh and new.”

When choosing a paint color, Kristen says a common mistake is simply playing it safe and not venturing out of the traditional color palette.

“Don’t feel like you have to stick with the same old thing just because it’s familiar,” Kristen says.

Beyond painting, replacing carpet gives a home that new feeling, and furniture livens up the room and adds personality and style.

Furniture that is saggy, torn, worn or uncomfortable will make everything else feel frumpy and outdated. Furniture is typically the most glaring sign of an outdated past. Kristin recommends relocating old furniture to the basement or another area of the home and updating the most enjoyed rooms with comfortable new pieces.

“The joy of today’s style is that mixing styles is part of the look,” Kristen says.

And just like the little black dress, there are classic styles that withstand the test of time. A great wood floor is always fashionable, and a new tinted seal can give a dated oak floor a darker, richer look.

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