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550 E. Timpanogos Circle, Orem · (801) 722-7000 · www.omniture.com


If technology is a man’s world, Omniture is breaking the mold.

The Orem-based giant, which was named one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company magazine, has become the best by attracting the best — male or female. And it has done so by separating the men from the boys, the women from the girls.

“We’re gender agnostic here at Omniture,” says Cathy Donahoe, director of human resources. “We don’t hire based on gender. We hire based on who is best for the job.”

Omniture currently employs more than 1,100 employees who are “best” for the job — 192 of whom are women. And 90 percent of those women hold college degrees.

“The female employees make a big contribution to the company,” Cathy says. “And by hiring the best candidate — regardless of gender — we encourage diversity. It gives us a variety of backgrounds, qualifications and perspectives to draw from.”

What’s more, that gender agnosticism is catching on.

“It’s a common theme throughout Omniture that it’s not about the men or the women. It’s about talent,” says Catherine Wong, VP of product integration. “We work with our peers, and we just don’t notice whether they’re men or women. We’re all just excited to be here.”

Excitement is certainly the name of the game at Omniture, thanks to its unprecedented growth. After 12 years in business, the company has employees in 28 states and 17 countries, including France, Spain, Sweden, Australia and Hong Kong.

“We have a fast-paced environment and a culture that looks to hire nice, smart, driven people,” Cathy says. “You put all that together, and it makes for one fun workplace.”

Omniture At a Glance

Founded 1996

2007 Revenue $143.1 million

Famous Customers Wal-Mart, eBay, Microsoft, Sony, AOL, Neiman Marcus, General Motors and HP

Product Language Capabilities English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish

Public Knowledge Omniture has been a public company since 2002

Did You Know

All of Omniture’s boardrooms are named after Adam Sandler movies



5072 N. 300 West, Provo · (800) 748-5199 · www.prospercorp.com


Since its founding in 1999, Prosper has recruited many skilled women to fill management and supervisory roles, and they continue to help the company reach new levels of success in the distance education industry.

Laurie Hightower, Prosper’s quality assurance manager, started working for the company in 2007. Her experience in managing successful teams has made her a perfect fit at Prosper.

“What I love about working for Prosper is the fact that I am involved with something significant and meaningful — our entire focus is on helping people improve their lives and reach their potential,” Laurie says. “We give people a reason to believe in themselves. Who could ask to work for a better company?”

Sherri Bigby is the verification and enrollment manager. Sherri joined the Prosper team in 2007 with 10 years of experience managing teams.

“I am excited to work at Prosper,” Sherri says. “The challenge of working in a fast-paced, growing company means each day there is something new to confront and overcome. I enjoy working with people who, like me, want to make this company the best it can be.”


Jennifer Shah has been with Prosper since 2006. In her role as director of partner accounts, Jennifer has successfully developed and strategically cultivated critical relationships between Prosper and its partners.

“Since starting with Prosper I have been amazed at the quality of people we have here,” Jennifer says. “Everyone is focused on delivering the best possible product to our students, and the camaraderie is invigorating. There’s something special about working with people who are passionate.”


 Prosper: At a glance

Prosper was founded in 1999 and is a leader in the coaching and distance training industry. Prosper’s 500 dedicated employees help people shrink the gap between learning and earning. The company has headquarters in Provo, and additional offices in Draper and Rexburg, Idaho. Visit Prosper at www.prospercorp.com.



746 E. 1910 South, Ste. 3, Provo · (801) 223-9989 · www.checknetinc.com


Since its beginning in 1966, women have made their mark on Checknet. Checknet has made it a point to recruit ambitious, driven staff in every aspect of the business, and the company is family friendly. This ability to appreciate balance in work and family has led many women to flock to the family-owned Provo company.

Checknet does three things better than anyone: collections, merchant services and electronic checks, under one roof.

The Checknet management team is almost entirely made up of strong, professional women who understand that you need to work hard and you always need to take some time to slow down — and most importantly to have fun.

Here is a look at the female members of the Checknet management team.

Jessica Devenish, co-founder (with her father) of Checknet believes that the way the business works comes from how they play.

“Our culture is one of family and fun. We know that change is good, and being innovative and willing to look at better ways of doing things has been fun for us. Besides, what other company has an annual dodgeball tournament in the parking lot?” she says.

Lacey Cherrington enjoys being invited to speak and write articles about the ever-changing industry. But her great love is riding horses every chance she gets.

Sydney Gore is well-known for her fun (OK, loud) personality that everyone loves.

Lacey describes Shanna Carnesecca with, “Everyone needs a little Shanna in their day!” Shanna is also the proud mother of Jessica, Lacey and Sydney.

Melissa Haynie, Checknet’s operations manager, loves the feeling of being part of something great.

“The family atmosphere is unbelievable,” Melissa says. “I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else because of the work ethic and the great feeling of accomplishment you have at the end of each day.”

Monica Chappell recently became Checknet’s CFO and human resources director but is also known as the office singer. You never know what she will “bellow” from her office down the hall.

Krista Monahan is executive assistant to the president and assistant sales manager.

“I go to other offices on appointments, and their offices are stuffy and way too quiet. It’s never quiet here,” Krista says.

Angela Kroff, law office manager for Kevin G. Richards and Associates, Checknet’s on-site law office, says, “You’re lucky when you can come to work and enjoy what you do and who you work with. I respect the way Checknet treats their clients and employees.”

Carla McQueen is the great secret keeper in the office. After all these years, no one knows her real age. Birthday? Yes. Age? No way.

 Business Tip: Give Your All

Make each day count. Whatever your career is — be it customer service, collections, construction, business executive or a stay-at-home parent — this day only happens one time … so enjoy this day. Go for it and give it 110 percent.


Nicole Sherman ·  Far West Bank

18 Utah locations · www.farwestbank.com · (801) 342-6000


Since the first location opened in Provo more than 30 years ago, Far West Bank has been a community bank deeply rooted in making a difference in the lives of customers.  The bank’s philosophy is based on core values that employees live every day — things like dignity and respect, responsiveness and reliability, and a commitment to giving back — and is championed by Executive Vice President of Retail and Private Banking Nicole Sherman.

A Utah native, Nicole built her career over the past 21 years through leadership positions in retail banking, commercial lending and private banking, plus at her own executive training and consulting company. Additionally, she teaches at Pacific Coast Banking School and often speaks at conferences throughout the West. In each area of her life she promotes these core values by partnering to make a tangible difference in banking, in the community, and in the lives of employees and customers.

“I’ve been drawn to community banking because it creates an opportunity to really make a difference and change people’s lives, and we take that on with complete commitment every day,” Nicole says.

Like all employees of Far West Bank who are provided time off for community involvement, Nicole fuels her passion for giving back through her position on the Fourth Street Clinic Board of Directors and has served on many other boards for local charities.

“My greatest satisfaction is to provide solutions to our customers and inspire our teams to their highest potential, both personally and professionally,” Nicole says.

 Business Tip: Purpose

True success comes from taking on each day with purpose. Reach out to provide real value in the life of another — whether it’s a customer, a colleague, or a member of the community.



NEXT Financial Group

3585 N. University Avenue, Ste. 275, Provo · (801) 420-9100


There is a lot to know and do in the financial services industry. At NEXT Financial Group, this three-person team finds success by making every day, every role and every client count.

Pam Fischer and Vicki Zollinger manage various roles at NEXT.

“We have to be dependable and focused,” Vicki says. “Our charter is to provide exceptional service to every client. That translates to bookkeeping one moment, answering phones, and fulfilling special client requests the next. It’s all about our clients.”

Some of Vicki’s roles include client support, managing the accounting and payroll, compliance, and maintaining a professional office environment. With the help of receptionist Pam Fischer, they work hard to assist Larry Lawrence, who is the licensed investment professional of the firm.

Larry, who graduated from BYU, is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist. He is a member of the All American team at American Funds, a Signature Board Member with John Hancock and a Captains Board member with Hartford Life and Annuity.

But most importantly, he coins his work with a strategy of trust.

“I invest my clients’ capital as carefully as I do my own,” he says, “because I know their hopes for their future are every bit as important to them as mine are to me.”

And, ultimately, that’s what makes Vicki and Pam’s jobs the most satisfying.

“It’s been rewarding to see clients worry less about their financial security, because Larry does that for them,” Vicki says. “It’s great to be part of that. We enjoy our association with so many wonderful people.”


NEXT Financial Group, Inc



Financial Tip: Start Now

Start now. Plan now for your future, write down your

investment goals and work with an investment professional who will help you reach those goals. The hallmarks of a

successful retirement are dignity and independence. The financial key to continued independence over two decades or more of retirement is an income you can’t outlive — an income that’s rising even as your cost of living continues to rise. The future you build today is the future you will enjoy tomorrow. Spend less than you earn and invest your savings wisely.


Carolyn Howard

1145 E. 800 South, Orem · (801) 420-2072 — Call anytime


Carolyn E. Howard-Morris is an attorney practicing in criminal defense and family law. She works with a three-person firm, including herself, Aaron Bartholomew and Jose Silva. Carolyn attended the J. Reuben Clark Law School where she determined to pursue a law practice that would involve helping people in need.

Individuals who need a criminal defense or family law attorney are generally experiencing a difficult time in their lives. Carolyn enjoys assisting clients with legal affairs and has found that the most crucial aspect to being a successful lawyer is listening and taking an interest in clients’ concerns.

“Not every client has a winning case and not every client can be saved from jail time as a consequence for the charges he or she is facing or saved from heartache after a divorce,” Carolyn says. “But I know clients walk away feeling satisfied if I listened to them, pursued their case with diligence and took an active interest in settling their problems.”

In criminal defense, Carolyn has worked on many sex offense cases and drug related crimes. She is currently working on a homicide case.

Carolyn is an assistant professor and paralegal director at Utah Valley University. She teaches paralegal, business law, mediation and other courses. On a daily basis she finds herself running between UVU, her law firm and the courthouse. But she finds her work fascinating and the day goes by quickly.

“I love to work,” Carolyn says, “But I also enjoy being a mother to my 1-year-old son, Matthew. “

So she doesn’t miss out on being a mom, she often straps Matthew to her back and runs around doing her errands. Matthew and Justin, Carolyn’s husband, are the joys of her life.

In Carolyn’s professional life, she appreciates the business that comes from word of mouth. When she does a good job for one client, that person will pass on the word and more clients will come. Although some people may call her crazy, Carolyn gives out her cell phone number so clients can call her anytime — day or night. When clients are panicked, they can share frustrations and concerns. Carolyn knows what it’s like to worry so she empathizes with clients who have a lot on their minds.

When asked what she most enjoys about her work, Carolyn states, “I enjoy assisting clients as they work through difficult challenges.”


Carolyn E. Howard-Morris, Attorney At Law


– All felonies and misdemeanors

– Homicide experience

– Forcible sexual abuse experience

– Trial experience

– Sex crimes

– Assault/Battery

– Violent crimes

– DUIs

– Drug-related crimes

– Theft



– Divorce

–     Alimony

–     Child support

–     Contempt

–     Petitions to modify


Homestead Resort

700 N. Homestead Drive, Midway · (877) 777-7321 · www.homesteadresort.com

When Swiss immigrants Simon and Fanny Schneitter discovered hot water bubbling out of a 55-foot crater in the middle of their Heber Valley property, they knew they had struck gold. Visitors came from miles to enjoy the healing properties of the area’s first resort, “Schneitter Hot Pots.”

The allure of the crater combined with the power of Fanny’s chicken dinners helped the small family enterprise become a booming business. Now, 120 years later, what started out as an inconvenient crater in the middle of a farm has become one of Utah’s favorite getaways — the Homestead Resort.

Of the 286 employees at the Homestead, around 190 are women. These hard working ladies dominate both the administrative and housekeeping departments, and also have a strong representation in other departments.

This four-season resort hotel offers charming accommodations, 18-hole championship golf, horseback riding, mountain biking, skiing and sleigh rides. The Homestead Crater allows visitors to swim, snorkel, scuba dive or take a mineral bath in 90 to 96 degree water. A man-made tunnel drilled through the rock wall at ground level leads to decks and a soaking area for guests to enjoy the crystal clear mineral water.

Getting wet is not a requirement for having a one-of-a-kind experience inside the Crater. Many guests just enjoy the informative Crater tour to learn the history, geology and archeology of this unique natural phenomenon.


Business Tip: Prioritize

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks, but prioritizing makes it easier to accomplish everything that is asked of you.


Cheerful Noise . com

info@cheerfulnoise.com · 866. GO WOMEN (469.6636)


Cheerful Noise is a new company focused entirely on strengthening women and families worldwide.

Through Cheerful Noise women are re-energized, supported and encouraged to achieve their personal potential; become better mothers, companions and friends; contribute to their family financially; and provide service to others.

The company is growing rapidly because of its unique ability to empower women to live more joyfully, do good for others, and earn a significant income if they choose.

First, every month women receive uplifting online content — a beautiful digital magazine, ebooks, lessons, digital movies, audio presentations and much more.

Second, the program provides incredible savings on products and groceries that women purchase every day. Independent Cheerful Noise shoppers have been saving 40 to 50 percent on their monthly grocery bill alone.

Third, women share in a networking community of caring women who help one another in meaningful ways.

Cheerful Noise is all about abundance. Reflecting this attitude is a unique patent-pending support system. Through this exciting program women can earn substantial income by referring people who purchase the monthly product package (listed above) for a very small fee.

Four women referred to Cheerful Noise more than covers the small monthly fee and entitles women to receive assistance that increases their income. The system is quite powerful.

What is also special about Cheerful Noise is that each woman is in total control. She can choose to receive the benefits of the program and never refer anyone or sell anything at all.

Cheerful Noise is not an MLM company. In fact, the simplicity of the program is the compelling attraction for most women. Women who refer only 20 women and follow a simple model are earning more than $2,000 a month. With 50 women you can easily earn more than $5,000 every month.

In today’s fragile economy, women are rapidly “spreading the cheer” because this is truly a company that is changing lives. Visit www.CheerfulNoise.com for more details.

Cheerful Noise

· Truly inspires women


· Positively impacts families


· Provides huge savings


· Creates significant income


· Offers personal choice


· Is an environment for women to help one another


· Makes a powerful difference in homes and communities


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