2008 Fitness Challenge


Stephanie, Sherri and Scott are making great strides in our fitness challenge — they’ve lost a combined total of 79 pounds so far! Here are their updates.


Stephanie Shurian LOST 20 POUNDS

starting weight  198 pounds

current weight  178 pounds

starting body fat  41%

current body fat  34%

lost  6 waistline inches

Well, it’s been six months since that first grueling workout with Zac. I feel like I am making some really great progress. The intensity of my workouts has increased dramatically, and I have gotten so much stronger. I have more energy and stamina. I’m down 20 pounds, and I fit back into all of my clothes. And guess what — my wedding ring fits again! Yeah!

Thanks to Zac and the bodybugg program, I have been able to develop much healthier eating habits. Zac has helped me stay on track by having me set nutrition goals each week and then again for each weekend. He’s really good about checking back with me to see how I’m doing. My new treats at the grocery store are health and fitness magazines. This is a great time of year with so many fruits and vegetables in season, and I am having fun trying lots of new healthy recipes. My whole family is more active, eating healthier and feeling good. The best part of working with Zac is that he has encouraged and helped me to develop a new healthy lifestyle. I’m not on a diet. I have a new lifestyle that I can sustain long term.


Sherri Tomlinson LOST 25 POUNDS

starting weight  193 pounds

current weight  168 pounds

starting body fat  42%

current body fat  23%

lost 8 waistline inches

I love training with Keena. She had confidence that I could train for and finish a half Ironman — that’s 70.3 miles (1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike, 13.1-mile run). I trained hard and completed it well under the allotted time.

I have learned to love a new sport that lifts my attitude and keeps me challenged and excited for more. The people I have encountered in the triathlon world are by far the nicest athletes I’ve ever trained and raced with. Aaron at SBR Sports facilitated my entry into the race, and Mike at the Bike Barn let me borrow his personal carbon fiber bike.

I started training with Keena Feb. 18. I ran my first tri on April 26, the second race in June, and now this huge event in August. All the while I am training for the St. George Marathon. To go from being completely sedentary to a finishing a half Ironman in six months is incredible.

The other key to my success is my family. My husband and daughter come to my races and help me train. Thoughts of giving my hubby a hug at the end of the race get me through the hard miles. What I’ve learned is to stick with it and stay positive. I am stronger, healthier, happier and skinnier — who wouldn’t want that?


Scott Crockett LOST 34 POUNDS

starting weight  290 pounds

current weight  256 pounds

starting body fat  28%

current body fat  15%

starting fat mass  85

current fat mass  41


Running is something I have never been very proficient at nor have I ever really enjoyed it unless there was something to chase (basketball, football, volleyball). Well, some things never change.  It is becoming easier to run for longer periods of time, but I won’t be setting any records anytime soon. When I started, it was difficult to even run a quarter mile with any type of pace. I was lucky to complete a two-mile run without feeling like my heart was going to explode. Now, I run between 20-30 miles a week depending on the regimen Dan draws up. My goal is to run one six-minute mile and a second goal is to run six miles in 48 minutes. I am a lot closer to the second than the first, but I want to complete both goals by the end of the year.

By far my favorite runs are with my family. My wife and I take turns pushing the two kids in the stroller while Allie chases one of us around the park. She is only 3 but does quite well for a little squirt. At other times, Candice and I will load up the kids and go for a more challenging run. Adding a loaded jogging stroller to the mix definitely adds a degree of difficulty to the run. Most of the time I let Candice push the kids so she doesn’t run me into the ground. Candice loves to run and is quite good at it. I don’t know if I will ever “fall in love” with running but I am definitely going to continue to work on it.


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