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With motor oil running through their veins, these car guys are experts on our dents, transmissions and new car desires. They’re also top

of the line in customer service and integrity. Hold on tight — you’re in for a ride with the valley’s premier car professionals.



Brent Brown Automotive Group

In 1999, shortly after Brent Brown became owner of the local Toyota dealership, he was driving with his wife wondering how he could keep Toyota buyers in Utah County. At the time, many were making the trip to Salt Lake City for their Toyota needs, but Brent wanted to bend the tradition.

“We saw a billboard at the Point of the Mountain and thought we should get it and put something on there that said, ‘Stop, turn around and please buy your Toyota in Utah County,’” Brent says. “We came up with a slogan for that one billboard that said, ‘We’ll bend over backwards to keep your business in Utah County.’ It stuck.”

From there, Brent couldn’t have dropped the mantra if he’d wanted to. Customers began using it in every situation and holding the Brent Brown team responsible for the promise.

This devotion to customer service and accompanying flexibility is hallmark to the Brent Brown Automotive way. In fact, a few years ago, Brent installed red telephones in each of the showrooms and service waiting rooms at the five dealerships bearing his name. If a customer has a problem that isn’t being solved by Brent’s managers or salespeople, simply picking up the red phone automatically rings a red cell phone in Brent’s pocket.

The results have been measurable. Besides empowering customers with easy access to the owner himself, the red phone has empowered his employees to work harder at solving customers’ concerns.

“They know if clients pick up that phone a few feet away, they will have their problem addressed,” Brent says. “That’s led to our managers stepping up.”

This approach to customer service and timely results has led to the company enjoying tremendous success. Brent Brown Automotive now employs 400 people and enjoys $250 million in annual sales. In fact, currently one in four new car buyers in Utah County bought at a Brent Brown dealership.

That’s a long way from his first drive to the Point of the Mountain.

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Brent Brown Chevrolet

2125 N. University Pkwy., Provo

(801) 373-9500


Brent Brown Toyota Scion

1400 S. Sandhill Rd., Orem

(801) 224-1320


Brent Brown Chrysler Jeep Dodge

1825 N. University Pkwy., Provo

(801) 373-2570


Brent Brown Ford Lincoln Mercury

1995 N. University Pkwy., Provo

(801) 229-3600


Brent Brown Auto Plaza

690 S. State St., Orem

(801) 426-9397


Cascade Collision Repair


Cascade Collision Repair is a family-owned business built on the foundation of “Honesty, backed by integrity, knowledge and skill.”

Superior quality and exceptional customer service are the most important aspects of Cascade, and it shows. Customer Research, Inc., the third party research company that contacts each customer regarding their experience at Cascade, reports that in the past year, 98.9 percent of those surveyed said they would refer Cascade Collision to a friend.

“We run this business knowing this is the way we would like to be treated if we were on the other end of things,” says co-owner Brian Nichols. “We recognize that getting in a car accident is never enjoyable, but we want our customers to leave pleased with the experience they had with us and amazed by the hassle-free process.”

If for any reason a customer is not completely satisfied, Cascade Collision will do everything in their power to ensure customers leave happy and are willing to return with any future needs.

It is this implicit dedication to outstanding customer service that propelled Cascade Collision into its position as one of the top 10 collision repair shops in the nation for customer satisfaction, as rated by Customer Research, Inc.

The owners know customer service starts with quality employees.  They have created a corporate culture that values employees as much as customers.

“Many of our employees have grown up with this company,” says co-owner James Nichols. “We have the chance to give our employees opportunities and watch them grow as individuals.”

Cascade Collision employees earn a customer’s trust by being sincere and honest in everything they do — honesty for Cascade is non-negotiable. The Cascade culture, specific processes and strict standards allow them to repair an ever-growing number of 500 cars a month — with a commitment to excellence dedicated to each one.

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“I was very happy with the work and appreciated how much this body shop helped me out with the insurance company,” said Brendin, a Cascade Collision customer.

With 45 employees — and still growing — Cascade Collision Repair is ready to serve your auto body needs in three convenient locations.


1005 N State Street, Orem

(801) 224-8020


120 W 920 South, Provo

(801) 373-8020


175 N. 1200 East, Lehi

(801) 768-8010


Cleggs: An Automotive Tradition

In 1954, a Phillips gas station opened on the corner of Center Street and Geneva Road in Orem — life was simple, homes were spread out and gas was under 25 cents a gallon.

Today, the Clegg family owns the same lot in Orem plus two others in Spanish Fork and Provo, and though today the business is car care and gas is a bit more expensive, the values are the same — honesty and hard work are at the base of everything the family does.

When Vaughn Clegg ran the shop in Orem, it served as more than a car center. It was the center for the Geneva Recreation Association and sold rifles, soap, fishing lures and even RVs at one time.

Kyle, Vaughn’s son, and Steve, Vaughn’s nephew, worked there, as well as Johann Meyer, known as “Johnny,” who would eventually become a brother-in-law to Steve when he married Vaughn’s niece Kim.

Kyle and Karin Clegg became the owners of the Orem shop when they took it over from Kyle’s father, Vaughn. Steve opened Clegg Auto Service in Spanish Fork, and Johnny eventually became the owner of Clegg All Auto in Provo. Today, the Cleggs are strictly about cars, and their focus keeps them busy.

“One of the reasons we have been around so long is we have a great customer base,” Kyle says. “Some of our customers are the fourth generation in their families to come to our shop, and some of them come from far away because they trust us.”

The Cleggs know customers wouldn’t keep coming back if the service wasn’t as impeccable as it was 60 years ago. At all three of the shops, they work hard and are honest with everyone.

“We take care of our customers,” Steve says. “Even though the industry has changed over the years, we have continued to adapt and change to meet our customers’ needs.”

As Johnny says, “Being a part of this family that is so unified is a happy thing.”

The Clegg family instilled in their posterity a tradition of excellence.

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Hard work, honesty and automobiles run in the family. Locate the shop nearest you for great service.


Clegg Auto Service

1447 N. Main, Spanish Fork

(801) 798-1822


Clegg All Auto

1565 N. 200 West, Provo

(801) 374-8708


Clegg’s Car Care

20 S. 1600 West, Orem

(801) 225-5441


(801) 766-1222 · 400 E. and State Street, Lehi


Fifteen years ago, TJ Gockley was running his car business out of the back of his truck — fixing dents was a one-man job. Today, his business has grown to include a shop in Lehi with co-owner Frank Brower and 12 technicians who focus on collision repairs, paintless dent repairs and spray-in bedliners.

“After all these years, we are finally able to offer all the services we’ve always wanted to offer,” TJ says. “We are fully staffed to repair the ugliest of collisions, if necessary, and we do it as affordably as possible.”

One of the ways they keep their services affordable is by offering paintless dent repair. This service is not only less expensive for the customer, but it is also much faster. Customers are able to pick up their vehicle in a matter of hours rather than a matter of days. And this service is not a new offering at Dentmaster — they were actually the first shop in the state to provide the service 15 years ago.

The other services provided by Dentmaster are complementary to the paintless dent repair. If a vehicle is in bad enough shape that the paintless system won’t work, then the shop is prepared to provide collision repair to any car, no matter how bad the damage. The spray-in bedliner service also provides something that many customers want and need. And all of Dentmaster’s services are guaranteed for life.

“Most legitimate body shops can hopefully provide pretty good quality on their repairs,” TJ says. “What they don’t all provide, however, is great customer service. That along with the highest quality repair are the cornerstones of our business.”

With growth, success and expertise under their belts, the technicians at Dentmaster can help you save time, money and stress on your car.

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Dentmaster has many options for repairing your car. Whether repairs are extensive or minimal, Dentmaster is fully staffed to meet your needs.

Remember, it’s your choice, not the insurance company’s.


Edwards Fine Car Care
(801) 472-5050 ·


Maybe you’ve taken one too many trips in the van. Maybe you’re hoping to sell your car and want to get the most you can.

Or maybe you’re simply someone who understands — especially in slower economic times — the importance of taking care of what you already have.

Whatever your reason, using Edwards Fine Car Care to completely detail your vehicle is worth it. Edwards combines the proficiency, personal approach and professionalism that will make working with this company as fresh as the air in your car when it’s done.

“We’ve been educating a lot of our clients about the importance of maintaining the outside of their car as well as the inside,” says David Edwards, owner of the company. “People will get their oil changed every three months to protect the engine, but they need to understand the outside of a vehicle is not just eye candy. A well-maintained exterior protects the finish of that vehicle from the harsh elements of our Wasatch Front climate.”

David is trained in high-end detailing and uses special chemicals and processes custom-selected for each car. In fact, he understands how individual paints differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The services at Edwards Fine Car Care are perfect for all vehicles, from the most luxurious of autos to the family van that has lost pizzazz. A few hours with David works like magic.

The Edwards team also maintains a mobile car wash service that is environmentally friendly and complies with local EPA laws. The mobile wash unit is completely self-contained, meaning they come with their own water and electricity, and leave with the used water for proper disposal.

“The car wash service is great for companies that manage a fleet or want to give something extra to executives or employees.” David says. “It can make a big difference in the image of a company.”

Edwards Fine Car Care works well with cars previously (or currently) owned by smokers.

“When we do a full detail on a vehicle, we have a machine specifically designed to remove odors from the interior. When we provide that service, people are amazed.”

So, whether you’re looking to refresh the family van, protect your Mercedes Benz, or maintain a fleet of cars for your company, Edwards Fine Car Care brings a breath of fresh air to your detailing.

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Edwards Fine Car Care’s staff is certified in the finest industry-approved cleaning methods. In fact, specialized equipment and unmatched service make Edwards Fine Car Care a leader in automotive maintenance in Utah Valley.




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