Look good, feel good




Medical and beauty go hand-in-hand

By Jeanette W. Bennett

After spending December thinking of others, we begin to focus a little bit on ourselves when the new calendar gets hung in the kitchen.

Lose some pounds. Run the St. George Marathon. Organize drawers. Read a few classics. Save a little more money. Visit the Springville Museum of Art. Reconnect with old friends. (Facebook, anyone?) Go in for that medical checkup we’ve been putting off. Find a new salon to add color or take the gray away.

No matter what resolution tops our list, it probably has something to do with being healthier — whether emotionally or physically.

When we feel good, we look good. And when we look good, we feel good. That’s why this issue’s dual focus of medical and beauty go hand-in-manicured-hand.

As part of my due diligence to write this column, I spent an afternoon at Studio Enizio, enjoying the high-end products (Kerastase) and high-end service. Owner Cynthia Dean treated my hair and then treated me to a head and neck massage. She wanted to know more about my hair. What challenges do I have? (Frizz.) What do I like about my hair? (Um …) And then she wanted to know more about me. Beauty salons double as therapy sessions.

Before long I was bouncing out Enizio’s door in Lehi with my soft curls and MAC makeup makeover for my brand-new editor’s picture. (Cross that off the to-do list!)

Pages 87-101 introduce you to 16 places where you can talk it out with a beauty expert and find your “look good” for 2009. You’ll meet the “feel good” experts in our medical section on pages 48-70.

Look good, feel good. Not a bad way to start a new year.



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