Ageless Beauty


Meet three fabulous Utah Valley women who have followed fashion through the ages



Sandra Merrill Covey

Co-author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families”


1956: Sandra and Stephen on their wedding day. The netted hat of the ‘50s has made its way back into modern fashion.


1956: While a 17-year-old high school student, Sandra joined the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and toured Europe. On a stop in Great Britain, Sandra was introduced to the liaison for the choir, Stephen R. Covey. Sandra and Stephen were married in 1956 and are the parents of nine children.


2008:  Sandra and her husband, Stephen R. Covey, celebrated their 50th anniversary. Sandra is wearing an Exclusively Misook suit in coral. “I occasionally splurge on a St. Johns outfit or Exclusively Misook,” Sandra says. “You always feel good wearing these outfits and they last for years.”


Jo Ann B. Losee

co-Owner of Losee Jewelers


1955: Jo Ann in front of the famous Champs-Elysées in Paris, one of the capitals of the fashion world. Jo Ann is wearing a Lilli Ann suit, which was the most fashionable suit of the era. Jo Ann and Richard were married right before Richard was sent to Germany to serve in the Korean War. While living in Germany, Richard and Jo Ann took a road trip to Paris. They did the entire three-day trip on only $10, which was an amazing feat — even back then.


1956: Notice Jo Ann’s large earrings and wide belt — which were popular fashion statements in her time. Painting on “tadpole” eyebrows and full lips was also the thing to do.


2007: Jo Ann and her husband, Richard, will celebrate their 55th anniversary on the 4th of July. “I still love to wear big earrings,” Jo Ann says.


Susan Easton Black

Church History and Doctrine professor at BYU


1963: In 1963, Susan (right) was asked to be on the College Board, a fashion and leadership board that consisted of six colleges throughout the nation. The goal of the board was to advise peers on ”the kinds of clothing that are appropriate and most popular.” Susan also participated in fashion shows as a model and a co-chair.


1964: When she was 19, Susan went to Hollywood to model shoes.


1965: On her way to New York to pursue her modeling career, Susan took a church history tour with her family and decided her true passion was in church history, not modeling.


2008:  Susan and her husband Harvey are going on their 24th year of marriage. Susan hasn’t lost her flair for fashion.




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