2009 Utah Valley Magazine Fitness Challenge


Between the demands of family, work and school, our slimmed-down fitness contest participants have reached new milestones since their last updates in March.


Annie Kitchen · SPRINGVILLE

Lost 10 pounds, 1 waistline inch

Starting Weight 215

Current Weight 205

Between changing salons, moving to a new apartment and working two jobs, I have struggled to maintain my workout schedule and nutrition plan.

I work at a high-end, fast-paced salon and I am constantly on the go. Going from one appointment to the next, I am constantly looking for a quick fix and grab whatever is nearby. I am getting to the point where my body is shutting down. I am realizing how important it is to take care of my body physically and mentally. I have started packing lunches, and I am trying to get to bed earlier. Since I have started doing that, I have noticed a big increase in my energy levels. I plan to keep making progress and become my best self!


Katie Kitchen · Springville

Lost 22 pounds, 5 waistline inches

Age 16

I’m having great success! I am right on schedule, losing 1.5 pounds per week. I have lost 22 pounds and almost two pant sizes. I can really feel a difference in the way my clothes fit!

My workouts include twice a week with Kami at 5 a.m. The workouts are great, but the 5 a.m. start is a killer! In addition to that, I do a daily 45- to 60-minute cardio workout, which is usually a run/walk combination.

As for my diet, I’ve cut out mayo, butter, candy (for the most part) and sodas. My new favorite treat is sliced strawberries, bananas and apples with fat-free peach yogurt. For me, the hardest part of this challenge is trying to balance my schedule. But since I am seeing results, I am motivated to keep at it!



Kami Price · Energy Explosion · 801.602.7057 · www.energyexplosion.biz

Fitness Tip: In this tough economic time, we all understand budgeting. So here is some food for thought — trying to lose weight without counting your calories is like trying to budget without keeping track of your monthly spending. Just as every dollar counts, so does every calorie.


Mike West · Lehi

Lost 13 pounds, 3 waistline inches

Starting weight  230 pounds  Current weight  217 pounds

The last couple of months have not been without personal challenges. My wife has been hospitalized several times due to a chronic illness, and she’s been sick on and off in between. Consistently hitting the gym and staying focused has been extremely difficult. But this same issue has been my excuse for the past eight years.

I have realized a couple of key things. First, I need to focus on what I can. I haven’t been able to get to the gym consistently to lift weights, but I have been able to focus on my diet and cardio. It’s working well, and I’m happy with the results.

Second, I am going to act upon the things that are important to me. There are always going to be obstacles. If I keep my health and fitness where they are on the priority list right now, nothing will ever change.

I am stoked about the months to come. I feel good and I have a great plan and a phenomenal support system in place. Not only that, but the 36s are starting to fit again. Good stuff!



LuAnn Van Akin · corefit Personal training and nutrition · 801.792.3184 · www.corefit-pt.com

Fitness Tip: Keep a food journal for a week. Write down all foods, drinks and snacks you consume. It will help you become more aware of your food intake and recognize where you need to improve.

LuAnn was recently named the Figure Overall Champion in the 2009 NPC Utah Open.


Amy Weiland · Cedar hills

Lost 29 pounds, 6% body fat

Starting weight  217 pounds  Current weight  188 pounds

I love taking my little guy to the “jumping places” around town. He burns off some energy and I add more points to the “Best Mom Ever” column.

Being young at heart, I have often wanted to frolic in the inflatable jungle with my son, but was always stopped in my tracks by the big octagonal sign posting the dreaded weight limits — dun, dun, dun. To my usual dismay, I was told in inch-high black and white that the world would end (or at least the structure of the dino slide would end) if I were to join in on the fun. So instead, I would take the time to catch up on some reading, politely declining my son’s invitations to “Come jump with me, mom!”

No more! It dawned on me this last go-round that I was indeed under the recommended weight limit and was therefore free to entangle myself in the bouncy neverland that was once out of my chubby-fisted reach.


Dan Wilcox · total health and fitness · 801.762.6207 · www.thfusa.com · dan.wilcox@thfonline.com

Fitness Tip: Simply eating less calories is not an effective way to get lean. Instead, burn calories through proper food combinations and exercise. Your goal should always be to maintain or gain muscle — never to lose it. Foolishly slashing calories will destroy your metabolism and burn lean muscle.


Roylence Croft · lindon

Lost 23 pounds, 6.5 waistline inches

Starting Weight 245

Current Weight 222

Kevin Croft · Lindon

Lost 9 pounds, 4 waistline inches

Starting Weight 208

Current Weight 199

Spring has sprung, and so has the baseball season. Our two sons are baseball players — Colby plays for Pleasant Grove High, and Gentry plays for the College of Southern Nevada. We have had to make a few eating adjustments as we go to the boys’ games. Instead of hamburgers or hot dogs, you’ll see us with fruit or veggies on double-header days.

John has really worked with us on our goals. Kevin’s goal was to break 200 pounds, and he did! John reminds us that our behavior must match our goals. If I (Roylence) want to lose 75 pounds, then I have to work out five days a week as well as follow the nutrition program John has given us. Another “Johnism” is: “You can’t read or talk your way into a better body. You have to work your way into it.”

Thank you, John, for helping us get closer to our goals. We’ll be hitting home runs in no time.


JOHN GIBSON · gold’s gym · 801.636.4277 · www.goldsgym.com

Fitness Tip: Don’t waste time in the “fat burn zone.” Do intervals for faster fat loss. For more tips, check out my blog at www.DoPerformanceAndFitness.com.








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