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Covey interview was ‘time of my life’

By Jeanette W. Bennett

Stephen Covey swung open his double front doors as I anxiously walked up his driveway for our mid-morning interview. With a smile from ear to ear, he greeted me by name in his buttoned up suit. As I teetered up his steps with an outstretched hand, I noticed a “Life Is Good” wooden sign on his porch.

I wanted to find out what “good” means to the man who coined “first things first” and “win-win.”

We spent a couple hours chatting and photographing in two different rooms in the Coveys’ Provo home, where photos and artwork fill nearly all available wall space. When we snapped the last photo, Stephen and I shared a hearty high five.

Although my pen was put away, our conversation continued as he carried the photo equipment to our cars (despite our protests) and talked about his trip to Phoenix the next morning.

When I finally said my goodbyes and climbed into my Honda Odyssey, one of my favorite songs was playing on the radio — “… I hope you had the time of your life … ” (Green Day).

I smiled and nodded my head. Interviewing Stephen Covey had been a dream come true — the man sells more books in a day than I sell magazines in a year.

Being with him truly “sharpened my saw.”

In this issue, you’ll also meet 16 leaders-in-the-making. Although these youth are nearly 60 years younger than our cover “model,” these teens are poised to change the world. Their focus on music, science, athletics and service have them at the head of their class.

If you want your kids to be as well-rounded and involved as our high schoolers, you’ll want to dog-ear our “Summer Lovin’” section starting on page 44. From classes to museums and from sports to festivals, Utah Valley is the place to be when the temperatures are on the rise.

In fact, everything about this issue is up, up, up. The only “downer” is that you may want to sit down. You’re holding 108 pages of Utah Valley bliss that you’ll want to “seek to understand.”


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