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Then, I was the editor of the junior high yearbook wearing an Olympic T-shirt. My future brother-in-law Greg (and current associate editor at Bennett Communications) was on the staff (striped shirt). Now, I meet Utah Valley’s finest at interviews and photo shoots, including this “behind-the-scenes” photo from this issue’s cover story.







We learn from ‘then’ to make a better ‘now’

By Jeanette W. Bennett

We’ve spent the past couple of months looking backward for this “then and now” issue of Utah Valley Magazine.

Twenty-five years ago, the town had two reasons to dance and yell — “Footloose,” starring Utah County, and the BYU football team’s national championship.

But in 1984, Central Bank was already 93 years old. And Magleby’s was on its fifth year of menus.

Looking back is a way of feeling proud of Utah County’s success, but it’s also a way of seeing forward. The 25 businesses in the “Long Haul” section (pages 41-65) give us tips for longevity — and reasons to feel positive about our stable future as a community. We learned more studying these entrepreneurs’ long-term successes than we did reading our last “staff book club” selection.

What happens “then” certainly leads to a positive “now.”

For our own publishing company, “then” involved hand-stuffing 10,000 envelopes to send out to potential subscribers for our first newsletter in 1998.

“Now” includes publishing more than 45 magazines in a 12-month time frame. “Now” means staff meetings that aren’t held while my husband, Matt, and I brush our teeth. “Now” means celebrating the successes of the people and businesses in Utah County through the pages of Utah Valley Magazine, BusinessQ, Utah Valley Bride and MainStreet.

“Now” means this magazine (which is our 55th issue of Utah Valley) is in your hands. This September/October issue includes our ninth installment of “celebrity lookalikes” and our pull-out preseason guide for BYU football, which may not have the unbiased tone we learned about in journalism school back “then.”

“Now” means gratitude for our readers and advertisers who continue to turn our pages and click our digital side when we unveil ourselves six times per year.



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