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Car problems happen to the best of us. Whether it’s finding the right car in the first place or fixing our “wheels” once we’re on the road, we need our trusty Utah Valley “car guys” to come to the rescue. 

    Let’s just say that without these hometown “heroes,” there’d be a lot more clanging and banging on the streets.

So, before you let your car drive you crazy, take a look at these three local companies that will keep you happily on the road — plus one company where you can rent some “fun” to take on the road or water.


400 E. and State Street, Lehi
(801) 766-1222

Dents, dings and accidents are an unfortunate part of car ownership. Luckily, the experts at Dentmaster can put your vehicle back in pre-accident condition, whether it’s a minor shopping cart ding or a major high-speed collision.

“We are sensitive to people’s needs — especially during this economic slowdown,” founder TJ Gockley says. “We want to give people options, and if we can remove that ding with paintless dent repair for less than a third of the cost of repainting, everybody wins. But rest assured, if you need a traditional repair, frame straightening or a paint job, we have the most advanced equipment and technichians to get the job done right.”

TJ and Frank Brower are the co-owners of Dentmaster in Lehi, and their highy-trained staff is ready to get you back on the road in pre-accident condition. TJ started the repair shop 16 years ago, and Frank joined the Dentmaster family with a strong background in collision repair with his experience as the body shop manager at Gene Harvey Chevrolet.

The fact that TJ and Frank are on the floor everyday with their staff makes for a higher level of accountability and ultimately higher customer satisfaction.

“It’s important that every customer leaves satisfied,” Frank says. “We have built our company on repeat and referral business over the past 16 years, and we know in order to do that we have to have a superior level of customer satisfaction. Bottom line —  we care.”

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It’s your choice where you get your car repaired, not the insurance company’s. Insist on a shop that has your best interest at heart.

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Lifetime Guarantee

Collision Repair

Auto Paint

Custom Paint

Paintless Dent Removal

Spray-On Bed Liners

Fiberglass and RV Repairs

Frame Repair


 Absolute Automotive
558 N. 100 West, Orem
(801) 471-2242


Luke Harrison, founder of Absolute Automotive, started fixing cars before he was even legally allowed to drive them.

One particular day, his dad came home to find him driving a Honda Civic in the backyard at the age of 12. Luke had bought the car for $50 from a friend who was convinced it was beyond repair. But Luke had it up and running in no time.

A few years later he was the youngest automotive technician as well as the lead technician at a local car dealership. His passion for cars moved him to start his own repair and maintenance shop five years ago.

Absolute Automotive’s biggest selling point is its commitment to customer convenience.

The shop takes the hassle out of car repair with free towing, free shuttle rides, free loaner cars and even registering the car for the customer.

“When you drive off, everything is done,” Luke says.

Even after the customer drives off, there is a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty to ease future inconveniences.

“People know it is cheaper to maintain their vehicle rather than repair it, but they fail to do so because of the inconvenience,” Luke says. “My goal is to eliminate all of those inconveniences.”

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When you are getting your car fixed, have the shuttle take you and your family somewhere fun like a park where you can have a good afternoon.

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Auto Maintenance

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Safety and Emissions

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 Brent Brown Auto Group

Brent Brown

2125 N. University Pkwy., Provo

(801) 373-9500


Brent Brown

Toyota Scion

1400 S. Sandhill Rd., Orem

(801) 224-1320


Brent Brown Chrysler Jeep Dodge

1825 N. University Pkwy., Provo

(801) 373-2570


Brent Brown Ford Lincoln Mercury

1995 N. University Pkwy., Provo

(801) 229-3600


Brent Brown Auto Plaza

690 S. State St., Orem

(801) 426-9397


Brent Brown started out in the car business looking for something to tide him over until he got his real estate license. But after two months on the job, he broke the dealership’s all-time sales record and his real-estate license was put on the backburner indefinitely.

Decades later, his car dealerships are ubiquitous in Utah Valley. He has brands to please everyone, but he’s noticed Utahns have an affinity for trucks. Brent himself drives a Chevy Tahoe to work everyday.

It’s no secret that the economic environment has been difficult for many industries — including the car business. When the downturn hit, Brent started practicing “management by walking around.”

When there is a climate of fear and unrest in the company, the tendency for many business owners  can be to go into hiding.

Brent purposefully did just the opposite. He allocated entire days to simply walking through every department of every dealership with no agenda except to talk to people, shake hands and answer questions.

“While it was kind of like stepping into a fire, I maintained the attitude that if somebody has the guts to ask me a tough question, I would have the guts to answer honestly,” he says.

Brent’s accessibility is his trademark. In each of his dealerships, there are red telephones that will ring Brent directly if a problem isn’t being solved by his salespeople or management.

When those calls flash up on his screen, he answers — even at 2 in the morning while vacationing in Europe. That’s what you call bending over backwards to be your auto dealer.

Auto Pilot

When choosing an auto dealer, choose one who has an excellent standing in the local community and a good reputation. If you choose the right dealer, he or she will be more concerned about protecting their good reputation than protecting a few extra dollars in the resolution of a dispute — that is, should one occur. In short, the dealer will search deeper to do the right thing for the customer.


FunShare Rentals
17 N. State Street, Lindon
(801) 922-9722

  FunShare Rentals’ motto is “Where fun comes to play.” Judging from their huge selection of RVs, boats, wave runners, exotic cars and ATVs, FunShare means business. FunShare opened its first location in Murray. After relocating to Lindon, the company saw a double-digit sales increase.

“It’s been a great transition and the market is responding well,” says owner Robie Kauo. “We have toys for any gathering.”

FunShare also provides safety equipment such as helmets and life jackets.

As one would expect, summer is the busiest season for rentals, but FunShare will also be renting snowmobiles this winter.

Robie says FunShare’s location in Utah Valley is perfect because residents have access to great recreational opportunities in both the mountains and the lakes.

Travel Tip

Renting an RV from FunShare is one the best family vacations you can imagine. Instead of being cramped in a car for hours on end, there is loads of space for everyone. The kids will love the big TVs as you cruise down the road.

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