Staff Christmas Card


Happy holidays from the people behind the pages


Kendall Bennett, expo manager: I’m dreaming of a white Christmas … clear until January.


Roxanne Bennett, ad manager: New months of seasons: 1 month of winter, 3 months of spring,

2 months of fall and 6 months of summer.


Greg Bennett, associate editor: Food, games and family.


Alison Dyer, ad representative: Snow in the mountains but not on the cuffs of my pants!


Alyssa Sharp, editorial intern: A trip to Disneyland.


Tracy SchulTz, ad representative: Family time!


Jessica Peterson, graphic designer: Law school acceptance letter for my hubby.


Dave Blackhurst, art director: For the Jazz to win a championship.


Kimberly Christensen, associate editor: Lots of curling up by the fire with my husband, our new baby and hot chocolate.


Stacy Beck, ad representative: A white Christmas!

Kristy Applegate, ad officer manager: For the Cougars to beat the Utes … at everything!


Trish Warnock, ad representative: For the Utes to beat the Cougars … at everything!


Briana Stewart, associate editor: That my little baby (hidden by a gloriously well-placed garland) will be a cutie patootie red head — just like his (or her!) daddy.


Joseph Tolman, graphic design intern: Graduate school acceptance, spending time with family and some quality time at my fly-tying bench.


Jeanette Bennett, editor: For our 10th year of Utah Valley Magazine to be our best ever.


Matt Bennett, publisher: That my friends and family will find peace and joy through life’s hardships.



CHELSI CROCKETT, ad representative: For my theater room to be completed.

KIM HUNSAKER, office manager: A teleporter so I don’t have to spend so much time in my car.


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