Forging Fit Families Fiscally



Lindon business combines cost-effective medical care and family fitness


With tough economic times turning from months into years, businesses are responding by becoming creative in services and pricing.

For Aaron and David Hartle, twin brothers who grew up in Cedar Hills, it was the idea of helping young families that led to the creation of Nucea Health & Fitness in Lindon.

The business is a fitness center, complete with the requisite treadmills, leg presses, stationary bikes and flat-screen televisions. However, it is also a medical clinic, giving members access to treatment from Aaron, a nurse practitioner.

“We want to help people get healthy and stay healthy,” Aaron says.

Nurse practitioners are able to diagnose and treat most minor medical conditions for which you would normally visit a family practitioner.

Unlimited access to the fitness center and nurse practitioner — as well as educational classes, nutritional plans and other services — are all available for one low price ($35 per month for individuals, $60 for families).

“We don’t want people to feel like they have to wait for things to be really bad before they seek medical help,” Aaron says. “And we also want our members to learn how to live healthier lifestyles.”


Below are highlights of the state-funded grant. Contact your lender for complete information.

• The Home Run Housing Grant 2 is offered by the state of Utah to assist qualified buyers interested in purchasing a newly constructed home or one scheduled to be built.

• It’s a $4,000 grant and there’s no repayment required.

• The grant applies only to newly built, never-occupied homes.

• The grant is for owner-occupied homes only.

• The program is for any qualified buyer, not just first-time buyers.

• The state fund is limited to the first 1,950 grants.

• To request the grant, the loan must be fully approved by the underwriter.

• It can be used in conjunction with the $8,000 first-time homebuyer credit.

• Ends Dec. 1, 2009, whether grants are committed or not.

Taylor’s Take

There is a lot of discussion right now about the influence of businesses, lobbyists and money in politics. It is vital that the public understand how wealth is generated and prosperity secured. Our future is not guaranteed, and we must be vigilant in taking the steps to secure a prosperous future. Everyone should be in the business of trying to influence elected officials. Without robust discussion, checks and balances, and involvement from businesses and citizens, our system starts to break down.

We need accountability in government, and so I challenge everyone to stand as an independent voice for justice and accountability and get involved.

To hold elected officials accountable requires us to educate and inform, to lobby, and to advocate for our position. The rules are made by those who show up, so step up and get involved.

 Todd’s Take

Most indicators show we have hit the bottom regarding home values. Most of the decrease has seemed to stabilize, and homeowners should see property values start to increase.

Now is a great time to purchase a home if you are a first-time homebuyer. The federal government is giving first-time buyers an $8,000 government incentive for purchasing in 2009 and the state of Utah is offering $4,000 for new home purchases. Both of these incentives expire by the end of the year (or when all the money is spent), so work with your loan officer to take advantage of them.

Interest rates have remained at all-time lows, making this a good time to purchase real estate. There are plenty of loan options available for first-time homebuyers, including loans that require zero down.

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