Members Memos: Steve and Sue Ellen Call

Steve and Sue Ellen Call let stress-relief guide their family’s financial decisions.

Steve and Sue Ellen Call let stress-relief guide their family’s financial decisions.

By Greg Bennett

Each issue, Utah Valley Magazine features a member of UCCU. This issue we hear from Steve and Sue Ellen Call of Orem.

What are principles that influence how you use money?

We try to spend less than we make. It feels better to not have something than it does to have it and deal with the stress of debt.

How do you teach your children about money?

We believe our children better understand money when it is their money that they have earned from a real job. It is tough when the only money the kids have is from doing chores around the house. Although that has its place, it doesn’t have the same effect as being a responsible employee.

What do you know now about money that you wish you would have known when you were 18?

That interest really is a two-way street. It’s better to have it work for you than to have it work against you.

How does your family make decisions about financial matters?

It is very simple: we try to live within our means. If it makes our lives easier and less stressful, that is the direction we typically go. We try to plan and stay within a budget, but in the end it is all about making our lives less stressful.

How long have you been a member of UCCU? 

Steve has been a member of UCCU for more than 35 years. I (Sue) opened my first account at the Stadium Branch (the only UCCU branch at the time) after getting my first job as a newspaper carrier.

When we married, we kept Steve’s account at UCCU and have had it ever since, even when we lived in other parts of the country.

Given this recession, have you felt safe and secure with UCCU? 

We have always felt safe and secure with UCCU. As far as we can tell, UCCU is smart in the way they run their business, meeting the needs of our family in Utah County.

In your opinion, what sets UCCU apart from other institutions?

UCCU knows who their customers are and meets their customers’ needs. They are not trying to be a national financial institution, and that isn’t what we are looking for in a financial institution. We want someone who understands our needs and meets them. Yet they offer our family all the services we need without nickel-and-diming us.

What is your favorite aspect of banking with UCCU? 

The personal service they provide. They help us when we need their help, but they don’t go over the top in marketing so it becomes a nuisance to us. They offer solid online banking tools that are ultra convenient, and their rates are always competitive.

With UCCU as a community credit union, what are the benefits to you?

Two years ago our oldest daughter was invited to participate in a humanitarian mission to Cambodia. With the help of UCCU, she was financially able to make this opportunity happen.

We really feel a difference in the service and the attitude of UCCU as an organization; employees seem just a bit more pleasant and try to live up to the “community” aspect of UCCU.

Greg Bennett

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