Olympic Hopefuls


Steven Nyman talks to Utah Valley Magazine Editor Jeanette Bennett. (Photo by Instudio by Kenneth Linge)


By Jeanette W. Bennett


Steven Nyman was a little sleepy when he showed up for our interview in Orem. He had stayed up late the night before cheering on Real Salt Lake as they won the MLS Cup.

So before we talked downhill skiing, we talked soccer. We talked athletes reaching the top of their game. We talked underdogs. We talked national pride. And this segued perfectly into our interview about Steven’s hopes to reach the peak of his winter game and the top of the Olympic podium in Vancouver.

Twenty-seven-year-old Steven is one of three Utah Valley athletes vying for some international bling in February. He, like fellow Utah County Olympians Noelle Pikus-Pace and Shauna Rohbock, have dedicated their diets and their suitcases to traveling the globe while pursuing winter sports glory and personal bests.

I plan to stay up late to cheer on these three — and other Americans — as they achieve what I once thought was possible for myself: winning an Olympic medal.

“Mini me” had visions of figure skating my way onto Wheaties boxes. With hand-me-down skates and a “sometimes open” city rink, my path to glory was one less traveled by. And that has made no difference. My athletic career ended before it began, but now I’m comfortable in my spectator seat as the Olympics grace our TVs and our magazine covers every other year thanks to the summer and winter contests.

This issue celebrates greatness in more than just sport. Find out the tops in the town when it comes to best restaurants, finest customer service and happiest people in the valley. Also, meet 25 medical experts and 16 “new you” aficionados who are at the top of their industry and will have you at the pinnacle of your game — not matter what you “play” in life.

With a new year comes a new slate. And a new Olympics. And a new issue of Utah Valley Magazine. Happy reading.


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