UV Letter: Fabulous 5-0


By Jeanette Bennett

Ricky Lundell

Ricky Lundell

When we’re surrounded by “fabulousness,” we don’t always recognize it.

For the cover photo shoot for this issue, we selected a couple of our Fab 50 to represent the homegrown awesomeness here in Utah County.

Ricky Lundell, world-champion grappler, came to the photo shoot at Sun River Gardens with medals, trophies and changes of clothes — plus his wife and sons to cheer him on.

While watching Ricky arrange his medals and awards, son Jayden, age 8, said, “Dad, I didn’t know you had a trophy!”

“You didn’t?” Ricky laughed.

“I knew you were a world champion, but I didn’t know you had a trophy,” Jayden said with newfound pride. “That’s cool!”

Jayden learned something about his dad that day, and you’ll find out plenty in this issue where we celebrate 50 fabulous people, three happily married couples and 16 tips for making you feel at home in your home sweet home.

One of our goals here at Utah Valley Magazine is to point out positives around the corner and down the street from you. As we receive hundreds of e-mails, blog posts, faxes and phone calls, we look for ways to share the good news.

Our annual Fabulous 50 feature is a shout out to those who aren’t bathed in the spotlight on a regular basis. But these 5-0 certainly deserve more than their 15 minutes of fame. They are inventors, writers, parents, philanthropists, hikers and musicians.

They add flavor and depth to what we all believe is the best place to live, work and raise a family.

And let’s face it — we’re fabulously right.


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