Faces of Funny: The Multi-Tasker



James Arrington is a one-man show of snorts

   In 1981, Utah Valley was first formally introduced to James Arrington’s spot-on humorous take on family dynamics in “Farley Family Reunion.” During the holidays, area residents line up to laugh at him in “Farley Family Christmas,” and James continues to play every character and to love every minute of it.

   The UVU professor has been making audiences laugh for generations and thinks humor is all around us — if we’ll just look at life with a smile. 


UV: Are we a funny community?

James: There’s a thought that we’re starved for comedy around here, but we’re really just defensive of ourselves. The truth is, people here have a pretty good sense of humor. There are some who are judgmental and pious, but they tend to stand out.


UV: Where do you find comedy?

James: I find it everywhere. Comedy comes from what your attitude is. You need to have that ability to step back and laugh at the situation. That’s the first thing I do when I’m in a situation — step back and laugh at what’s funny about it.


UV: Why is laughing important?

James: Comedy covers many ills. Laughing is syrup for the soul. When I get a good laugh, no one is more appreciative than I am.


UV: How did you develop the

characters for your Farley shows?

James: There are a lot of my family members in them. None of the characters were based on one person. I have two uncles who are dirt farmers in Idaho. One of the characters is a mix of the two. They both watch the show and laugh about how that character is like the other guy.

It’s great.


Where You’ve Seen Him: … playing every part in “Farley Family Reunion” and “Farley Family Christmas.” James has been performing the two shows for three decades.


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