Letters to the Editor





Dear Editor,

You have truly touched our lives in a way that we will never forget. Thank you again for your generosity, but most of all for the education you provided to us through Dan at Total Health and Fitness. We feel very fortunate and will always have fond memories of 2010! The “after” photo shoot that appeared in the November/December 2010 issue made me feel like “queen for a day.” I enjoyed myself more than this “T-shirt and jeans girl” thought possible.

Angie Daybell

Fitness Challenge Participant 2010


Dear Editor,

Thanks so much for your terrific article about me and “The Forgotten Carols” in Utah Valley Magazine. I appreciate you doing such a great job of highlighting positive things about me. And photographer MaryLyn Linge did, in fact, take off years and pounds and make me look way cuter than the guy I see in the mirror everyday.

My great wish is that you continue to succeed in what you’re doing creatively — and for our state. Helping people feel good about where they live and who they are (and associate with) has an impact on how a place evolves, far beyond the shelf life of any particular story you do.

Michael McLean

Heber Valley


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