New Year, New You: Barbara Barrington Jones


By Kate Nash,

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ABOVE: Barbara Barrington Jones is a world-renowned authority on appearance, motivation and communication. BELOW: The oh-so-popular “Be The Best You” camps and the oh-so-valuable “Retreat for Women” camps are open for registration.


When it comes to self-improvement strategies for women, there isn’t a stronger advocate than Barbara Barrington Jones. For three decades, Barbara has been speaking to and writing for women. Her popular titles include “The Inside-Outside Beauty Book,” “The Confident You” and “The Incredible Gifts of Women.”

Barbara has traveled the globe speaking in English and Spanish to women who hang on her every word as she details her challenges and successes as a wife, mother, ballerina, philanthropist and business woman. Although the women she teaches have varied skin tones and accents, their concerns can all be summarized in one word: overwhelmed.

“Women are multi-taskers, but over time this strength works against us,” she says.

Barbara has recently relocated her foundation headquarters to Utah County to be closer to the annual camps she holds for women and young women.

“Retreat for Women” is a three-day program held annually at the University of Utah for women around the world. This popular program is designed for women interested in self-improvement and a complete external and internal rejuvenation.

“Be The Best You” camp is a weeklong program held annually at the University of Utah for girls ages 12 to 18 and is designed to help them develop self-esteem, discover their unique talents and increase their ability to give of themselves.

“We give these girls the very, very best,” Barbara says. “Years and years of planning and understanding have gone into creating experiences for our attendees.”




New You Tip:

As women we need to evaluate what it means to really take time for ourselves. Is there something we can do to make ourselves more acceptable — and more exceptional? Now is the time to be our best selves. Set a resolution this year to read a book or attend an event that will really help you change.


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