New Year, New You: Ion Fitness


By Kate Nash,


Most people spend their youth and health pursuing wealth and then spend their wealth trying to recapture their health and “well-th.”

At ION Fitness — Utah Valley’s only luxury, private access wellness center — the focus is on “well-th” training — building a healthy, happy life.

With 6,300 square feet and a capped membership, clients utilize the beautiful 24-hour facilities ­­— a pool, hot tub, private changing room and private showers — in a relaxed, comfortable environment showcasing local art and culture. ION’s limited membership and holistic approach create a community free of pressures found in other gyms. The need to look a certain way and the awkwardness of being looked at are not a part of the ION experience. But well-th training is.

“Progressive aging happens, but it does not have to be as rapid as most people believe,” Co-owner Jason Landau says. “With some effort, extraordinary results occur. It is not magic. It is a science. It’s about making positive choices. We want to help people make those choices.”

ION’s trainers and nutritionist are happy to share their expertise whether you’re working out on your own or enrolled in private training.

The 100 percent guaranteed programs ensure members keep their “eye on fitness” as they build a better body and mind, increase longevity and above all enhance the quality of life. It’s like having a celebrity’s state-of-the-art home gym … only nicer.

Capped, 24-hour membership | One-on-one personal training | Corporate wellness | Adult boot camps | Pre- and post-pregnancy fitness | Injury Rehabilitation | Certified nutritional counseling | Family and group training

5282 N. University Ave., Provo  |  (801) 225-WELL (9355)  |






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