There are many worthwhile stories and features in this wonderful, shiny magazine. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the “Fab 50” feature in the March/April issue. However, people from all over Utah Valley are going to be looking for the running store called “Runner’s World.” Sorry, but that is the name of a running magazine. Hawk and Cheryl Harper (featured in your Fab 50) are the owners of Runner’s Corner. I live by Costco and drive by it all the time.

Debi Nish, Orem


Are you aware that a few of your readers might not be LDS? Almost every person, photo and reference in the total magazine is geared to LDS. Believe it or not there are actually other religions and people in Utah County. For instance, in Woodland Hills there is a wine club and more than 40 households that aren’t LDS. It is as if they are invisible in your magazine.

Floyd Cottam, Woodland Hills

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