Tough act to follow


By Jeanette Bennett,

Our fourth annual Fab 50 kick off our ‘tough’ issue


Step aside, People Magazine. We know 50 beautiful people when we see them, and it has everything to do with their inner fabulousness. This year’s batch of Fab 50 includes a champion barbecuer, Utah’s teacher of the year and an app developer still in high school.

Our layout idea called for group photo shoots where the Fab came together to meet us, to meet each other and to goof around with cut-outs of F-A-B-5-0, which my artist-husband created without a Cricut (a fabulously homegrown Utah Valley product).

An unexpected byproduct of this fourth annual feature was the connections and “do you knows” shared among the 50 faces between smiles.

Alex Boye and Mallory Everton (page 53), for example, were happy to put a face to the videos. Alex had seen Mallory’s “Provo, UT Girls” clip, and she had recently watched Alex’s “I’m a Mormon” segment. And with that small talk, they faced the camera and began performing for still shots.

Coordinating 50 busy people was a tough job (hats off to editor Samantha Murphey), but it was nowhere near as tough as the six jobs you’ll read about on page 26. Rodeo clowns, stay-at-home moms and Division I referees don’t have the typical 9-to-5. But maybe the toughest position in the county is unpaid and rests on Jimmer Fredette’s shoulders. The BYU Cougars starring Jimmer have captured headlines, fans and Facebook posts around the country. Millions of eyes are watching as they fill out their brackets. I, for one, will be charting BYU as national champs. Then again, I do that every year to the embarrassment of the boys in my house.

March is madness when it comes to hoops, but it’s also time to set aside the winter boots and get out the open-toe shoes. Our UVFashion feature on page 69 will freshen up your closet — and all of these trendy items are available within our county borders. Hip and happy valley, we are.

And with that, enjoy our “tough” issue. When the magazine gets tough, the tough get reading.


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