Letter of the Law: Treatment Triumph


By Greg Bennett, utahvalley360.com

Chiropractor finds having a competent attorney means more successful and complete treatment for accident victims

Dr. Scott Frogley (shown with his wife, Jenny) is chairman of the Utah  Chiropractic Physicians Association.

Dr. Scott Frogley (shown with his wife, Jenny) is chairman of the Utah
Chiropractic Physicians Association.

As the chairman of the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association for the past two years, Dr. Scott Frogley has worked hard to protect the rights of patients — and caregivers — when working through insurance concerns after an accident.

He is the owner of Integrated Wellness in South Jordan and keeps patient care as his priority, Dr. Frogley appreciates the role a good attorney plays in the healing process. That’s why he refers patients to Jeff Metler in Provo.

Here are Dr. Frogley’s thoughts on accident recovery and using an attorney.


How is chiropractic treatment helpful after automobile accidents?

Chiropractic has been shown to be one of the most effective treatments after a automobile accident because it’s one of the few treatments that addresses the cause of patients’ pain and not just the symptoms. Automobile accidents cause physical damage to the soft tissues of the spine, which needs physical treatment. Treating injuries with just medication can lead to permanent injuries and increase the probability of permanent damage and scar tissue.

How do worries about medical bills affect a patient’s ability to heal?

One of the biggest problems that occur when medical bills and insurance companies aren’t handled properly, is that patients will avoid seeking proper care. They do this to avoid being responsible for bills that should have been paid for when they were a victim in an accident. This results in an increased likelihood of untreated or improperly treated injuries that result in permanent debilitating injuries.


Why do you suggest personal injury patients hire an attorney?

When a patient hires a competent attorney, he or she has someone fighting for them just as the insurance companies have legal counsel.

People need to realize when they have injuries from an accident that go untreated, this saves the insurance companies money.

Denying claims or avoiding responsibility from the insurance company is nothing personal against the injured individual, it’s just business.

Many of these injuries can be life altering and can result in future medical expenses. An injured person needs to make sure he or she is being represented when making life-altering decisions.

When a patient has to face these decisions on his or her own, it can alter the course of the care, again, resulting in untreated injuries.


Are patients surprised when you suggest they speak with an attorney?

In some cases at first, but when they understand their rights and the benefits they are in favor.

Why do you refer accident patients to Jeff Metler?

I am very confident that the case is going to be handled correctly and in the interest for what’s right for my patients. I know Jeff will personally meet with them quickly and give them confidence in their case so the patient can continue care without the added stress of the insurance company leaving them with the bill.


How is Jeff different from other attorneys you have worked with?

I have seen two sides to Jeff. One is a truly caring person who will bend over backward to help a client. The other side is a bulldog that will fight for what is right. I know my patients feel that caring side, and he instills confidence that he won’t let them down.


How does Jeff Metler and his staff help patients get their life back on track?

Jeff and his staff instill confidence in my patients and give them the assurance that they will receive the best care and future outcome from their injuries. Jeff understands things from the insurance company’s side and is there to help patients in making these life-altering decisions.


What pitfalls await people who refuse legal counsel?

I have seen patients who have refused legal counsel avoid necessary treatment and wind up with life-changing injuries. I have seen patients who have been stuck with expensive health-care bills. These unpaid bills have resulted in bankruptcies and financial devastations to add to their physical injuries. No matter how small or how large a person perceives their accident and injuries, I truly believe they will come out ahead by seeking legal counsel.

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