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Dear editor,

On page 47 of your May/June issue of Utah Valley Magazine, I noticed an error. The Mechams’ pool is not “chlorine free.” A salt water system for pools is not chlorine free. A salt system produces “chlorine” from sodium chloride (salt), which is dissolved into the pool water and acts just like any other chlorine product. It works very well.

I am a veteran pool service guy.

Kim A. Skinner



Dear editor,

My objection to your publication is that I don’t see average folks. The faces I see on your pages reflect higher-income areas of Utah Valley. As I travel around the valley, it is made up of much more than this. I see Hispanic neighborhoods and businesses. I see affluence, but I see even more poor and middle-income people who are as heavily involved in the arts, schools and church and in making the world a better place within their sphere. I see backyard mechanics, machinists, construction workers, hot-rod clubs and truck drivers — all who appear to love Utah Valley as much as the next person.

I recognize the business reality of creating publications that serve demographics. However, I believe Utah Valley is much more diverse economically, culturally and racially than the stereotype many people love to sneer about and your magazine seems to perpetuate.



Correction Coach Jim “Shoe” Nelson, head baseball coach at Spanish Fork High School, has coached his baseball teams to six state championships. The May/June 2011 issue of Utah Valley Magazine indicated that he had won three. We apologize for the error.

Correction In the “Something In The Water” feature in our May/June issue, we incorrectly stated that Utah Lake is the third largest freshwater lake in the country. It should have stated that Utah Lake is the third largest freshwater lake west of the Great Lakes. Thank you to astute reader Katie Eubank for pointing this out.



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