By Briana Stewart, photography by Tamara Elise Photography


For Sarah Doxey and Michael Heder, it was literally a case of boy meets girl.

The two then-teens met in German class at Pleasant Grove High School, and for Michael, it was liebe at first sight.

“He’s actually liked me since high school,” Sarah says. “Although I never really thought of him that way. We were just really good friends.”

And so the story goes … boy gets crush. Boy makes girl laugh. Boy takes girl to prom. Boy goes on LDS mission. Girl writes boy. Girl still thinks they’re just friends. (Who is girl kidding?) Boy gets home from mission. Boy takes girl on date. Boy takes girl on many dates. Boy proposes to girl. And girl says yes, oh yes. (Danke very much.)

“He’s the sweetest boy I’ve ever met — so kind, so thoughtful and so funny,” Sarah says. “They really don’t come better than Michael.”

Need an example? We propose … the proposal.

The two were at a family reunion in Park City in July 2011, and Michael surprised Sarah with a ski lift ride to a picnic at the top. When they arrived at the beautiful aspen tree forest, the plan unfolded.

“He told me he had to use the restroom, so I started humming and looked the other way,” she laughs. “But when he came back, he was dressed in his Sunday best and handed me a present. It was a scrapbook of all the dates we had been on — and all the things we hoped to eventually do. He told me what he loved about me and why he wanted to marry me. And then he asked me to be his wife.”

After the picnic-perfect engagement, planning the wedding was equally delightful. Photographer? Tamara Elise, naturally. Wedding colors? Blue, green and cream. Theme? Antique. And the gown? Her grandmother’s 57-year-old wedding dress, of course.

“I tried it on in eighth grade for fun. I remember hoping it would fit me when I was older,” Sarah says. “When it did, I was thrilled. It meant so much to me and to her.”

And when boy married girl? It was young love — all grown up.

“The day was just so lovely, and to share it with Michael was everything,” Sarah says. “Even though it was a blur, it was a blast.”



The couple’s engagement session was quite the ride.



The simply elegant cake was made by a family friend.



The couple’s reception was in the Pleasant Grove backyard of Michael’s parents.


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