College Applications: It’s a Zinch


Local company helps students show more than their numbers

“You are more than a test score” — that’s the motto Provo-based Zinch works by.

Although standardized test scores are the primary means for college recruiting, they aren’t always the best representation of a student. If drama or dance is one student’s forte, the SAT or ACT probably won’t recognize that.

And students aren’t the only ones looking for new methods in the school admissions process. Colleges and universities have long seen the need for a greater reach in their recruiting efforts. Some schools are targeting students with diverse backgrounds or students interested in a particular field of study.

So in our world of Facebook, MySpace and text messaging, it makes sense that students should be able to communicate and show themselves to colleges and universities in an online, up-to-date fashion.

Zinch created a way to let students tell colleges the whole story of who they are — and more than 350,000 high school students and 475 colleges (including UVU) are already taking part.

The process is simple — potential college-goers create online profiles and portfolios to make themselves more than words on a typical application paper. Colleges and universities can then search for those who will best meet their school’s needs. The communication is effective and the interaction becomes engaging. And the students can be seen for what they are — not just numbers, but people.



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