September 23, 2012

Story  by Briana Stewart

Photography by Alixann Loosle Photography

WHEN EVELYN ESLAVA married Marcelo Figuera, she was the picture of elegance. Let us count the ways …

Her chic frilled frock? Elegant. Her luscious locks? Elegant. Her fairy tale florals? Elegant. Her clever cuisine? Elegant. Her sit-down soirée? 1-800-Elegant.

But if you know Evelyn, it’s no surprise. The Orem girl — who was born and raised in Peru until age 14 — has always had an eye for the lovely.

She picked Marcelo, after all.

“He’s loyal,” Evelyn says of her groom, who is originally from Argentina. “I love his heart.”

The pair met when Evelyn was a senior at Timpanogos High School. Marcelo was a year older, and two weeks after they met the (heart) strings were attached.

“We grew up in a different culture, and we don’t date like people date here,” Evelyn says. “He quickly told me he wanted to be my boyfriend, and now here we are! We’ve been together for seven years now.”

Even more charming, the couple is proof that opposites attract.

“He has his own personality and I have mine,” says Evelyn, who’s 25. “I like to dress up — he doesn’t. But we always come together on the big things.”

Case in point: Their big day.

For his sweetheart, Marcelo put on an animal mask, posed with a larger-than-life balloon and was an all-around dapper groom.

“I’m a bit of a perfectionist,” says Evelyn, who is a photographer herself. “I try hard not to be. But I am.”

Say what she will, that perfection led to perfect vendors. From Alixann Loosle’s iconic images to Blossom Sweet’s roots in the divine, love was in the air.

“I loved my wedding,” Evelyn says. “And now I love going for walks, exploring the world with my husband.”

That Evelyn — ever grounded, ever elegant.  uvbride

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