Lone Peak's
Lone Peak’s Brock Jones (6) was one of Lone Peak’s primary scoring threats from the 2012 season.

Maybe eighth grade football doesn’t draw crowds like a Provo vs. Timpview Friday night matchup, but if you want to see the stars of tomorrow play today, make your way to Lehi High School Tuesday night at 8 p.m. for the

Lehi vs. Lone Peak (Mountain Ridge Junior

High) game.

This first game of the season is a rematch of last

Conference championship game which saw Lone Peak defeat Lehi 26-20 in double overtime.

After winning its league (north Utah County) championship, Lone Peak defeated Timpview, 42-12, in a friendly matchup between two conference champions.

Coach Cole Cooper says his Lehi team will need to “come together as a team” if they are to beat Lone Peak this go-around.

Lone Peak coach Joel Templeton says his team must minimize big plays (more than 20 yards) by Lehi running back Will Overstreet.

“We need to put them in third and long consistently,” Templeton says. “We also need to put pressure on their QB on passing situations.”

Templeton says if his team can do those things and consistently run the ball for four or five yards per carry and run an efficient short passing game his team will have a great opportunity to win.

Cooper opted not to point out his team’s key players as it goes against his team-first philosophy.

Templeton said his quarterback Kaden Clemens (5-foot-6, 113 pounds) and wide receiver/linebacker Brock Jones (5-foot-11, 135 pounds) need to connect early and often in this game.

Templeton also said his running back Colton Easton (5-foot-8, 130 pounds) and Lehi’s Overstreet are are the best two running backs in the league. Templeton said Easton is a hard runner and can run people over. “He never goes down on first contact and can out run anyone in the open field.”

Interior linemen Parker Hendricks (6-foot, 190 pounds), Tanner Templeton (5-foot-10, 132 pounds) and Jaeden Landon (5-foot-10, 151 pounds) are all also keys to controlling the game.

“Jaeden is our fourth fastest player, which makes him almost unblockable in the middle of the defensive line. With his quick first step and speed he can make plays from the middle of the field,” Templeton says.


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The eighth grade Lehi football team, coached by Cole Cooper, hiked to the top of Mt. Timpanogos on Aug. 14, 2013 as a team bonding activity. Each member of the team took a turn carrying a football to the top.

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