Mindy Gledhill and Hilary Weeks release new albums


Two popular area musicians released new albums last week, and they’re both worth listening to. Mindy Gledhill‘s “Pocketful of Poetry” and Hilary Weeks‘ “Say Love” will freshen up your playlists and make you fall in love with the artists all over again.

Mindy Gledhill’s “Pocketful of Poetry”

“Pocketful of Poetry” is Gledhill’s fifth album and, according to her website, she has never before worked so hard to finish an album. She said she spent a lot of time perfecting these songs, and that the hard work has paid off.

“In hindsight, the lengthy writing process that accompanied the creation of this album … provided some much-needed growing opportunities for me as an artist,” she said.

Gledhill’s new album spans a range of emotions — everything from melancholy nostalgia to carefree hopefulness that breaths new life into the ever-popular indie folk style.

Listen to the song “Pocketful of Poetry” below, and click here to purchase the album on iTunes.

Hilary Weeks’ “Say Love”

Seventeen years and nine albums after launching her solo career, Hilary Weeks released her tenth album, “Say Love.” With song titles like “Another Second Chance” and “It’s a Good Day,” the theme of the album is encouragement, optimism and finding happiness in every part of life.

The song “Say Love” shows that theme in the music video released last week. In the video, Weeks and other individuals find a clever way to pass on positive thoughts to friends around them. Weeks said she also hopes her music does the same for the listener.

“I hope the new songs … find their way to your heart in the very moments you need them,” Weeks posted to listeners on Facebook.

Check out her music video below, and click here to purchase the album on iTunes.


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