New 80 mph signs posted

This map shows the new areas that have an 80 mph speed limit. (Map courtesy of UDOT)

This map shows the new areas that have an 80 mph speed limit. (Map courtesy of UDOT)

The Utah Department of Transportation posted new 80 mph speed signs throughout rural areas in Utah earlier this week.

In Jan. 2013, the Utah State Legislature passed House Bill 83, which examined having speed limits over 75 mph in Utah. UDOT studied and analyzed highways in Utah that already had 80 mph signs over the past three years.

“In our studies of those areas, we found that the 85 percentile was going 82 mph and below,” said John Gleason, UDOT spokesperson. “That is really the speed the people were traveling at already.”

Their studies of the landscape and contributing speed factors showed the highest speed limit could be at 80 mph.

“By posting the optimal speed limit, more people are in compliance with the law now and we’ve experienced fewer speed related car crashes.”

Below are the new highway stretches that are 80 mph as listed in the UDOT press release:

  • I-80, from the Nevada border to SR-36
  • I-15 between North Leeds and Santaquin (with sections of 75 mph zones through two mountain passes and Cedar City)
  • I-15 and I-84 from the Brigham City North Interchange to the Idaho border
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