Sid (Jason Gray) will apply for a loan from Wells Fargo banker (Matt Meese) in season 3 of "Studio C." (Photo courtesy of BYUtv)
Sid (Jason Gray) will apply for a loan from Wells Fargo banker (Matt Meese) in season 3 of “Studio C.” (Photo courtesy of BYUtv)

PROVO — Monday night is about to get a lot more funny on BYUtv — again.

Season 3 of “Studio C” begins Monday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. “Studio C” is a clean, family-friendly sketch-comedy show that first aired in October 2012.

“Everything’s been progressing and gotten better, like the writing, and I think we’re evolving as a group. The actors and the production is just better and better,” said Adam Berg, a cast member on “Studio C.”

Originating from the BYU sketch-comedy group “Divine Comedy,” “Studio C” has had to stretch its creativity to reach beyond the BYU bubble.

“At first it was intimidating thinking this is out of my comfort zone, but it’s very liberating knowing I can make a sketch about anything and these wonderful people on the staff will make it happen,” Berg said.

The wide reach of “Studio C” is evident by the draw of the live tapings. According to Stacey Harkey, at a live recording in August, more than 3,000 people registered to receive tickets to the recordings — only 10 percent of those people were lucky enough to secure tickets. Kelly and Julia Reynolds along with their mom and friends (Brianna Snowball, 15, and Kara Snowball, 17, drove in from Riverside, Calif. just so they could see a live recording of “Studio C.”

“We YouTube it all the time,” Kelly Reynolds, 18, said. “We can hook up our YouTube from my phone to the TV, so we all get around and watch one after the other. We missed season 1 and we caught up on season 1, all of season 2 and now season 3.”

Harkey also reported at a live recording that 75 percent of people that watch “Studio C” watch it with their family.

The live taping adding to the girls’ “Studio C” enjoyment as they got to see the actors mess up their lines and repeat scenes.

“I like when they do the cuts and they laugh about it and party.” said Julia Reynolds, 16. “They go again and they keep the energy.”

Here are five season 3 spoilers that won’t really spoil anything at all:

1. The Shoulder Angel

The Shoulder Angel, played by actor/writer Matt Meese, has already taken on political leaders, bank robbers and even Shawn Bradley. This season Shoulder Angel will meet his match as he is faced with making a tough right or wrong decision himself.

The press release states, “Shoulder Angel gets himself into a quandary about telling the truth vs. allowing a white lie, and Shoulder Devil continues to cause chaos and confusion.”

2. Arachnophobia 

Adam Berg started writing for “Studio C” for season 3 and he claims “Spidy-sensless” as his proudest skit.

“My twin sister is like that with spiders,” Berg said. “She’s so terrified it cripples her. And I was just like, there is probably a lot of comedy here, I’m going to try and come up with an idea for it.”

3. Educational classes

‘Studio C’ will take us back to the classroom for an educational experience like no other you have ever had before. Pull out your pen and paper and be prepared to take notes in “Photobombing 101.”

4. Things are “literally” going to happen

Captain Literally, Meese’s character, made his first appearance in season 2 of “Studio C,” saving people from incorrectly using the word “literally.” How will Captain Literally save people from ruining the denotation of “literally” this season? You literally will have to tune in to “Studio C” to see exactly how Captain Literally restores balance once again to the universe.

5. Magical encounters

Whether it is the romantic encounters involving “Dungeons and Dragons” or winning three wishes from a genie, all of the cast members of “Studio C” are bound to run into their own magic throughout season 3 of “Studio C.”

Season 3 of “Studio C” begins on Monday, Oct. 7, at 8 p.m. A sneak preview will be shown on BYUtv Saturday, Oct. 5 at 4 p.m., so “shave the date.”

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