Milagros in Orem commonly wins “readers’ choice” contests by serving up creative entrees such as chile relleno. (Photo by Jennifer Riggs)
Milagros in Orem commonly wins “readers’ choice” contests by serving up creative entrees such as chile relleno. (Photo by Jennifer Riggs)

By Mary Crafts-Homer

Utah County seems obsessed with Southwestern/ Mexican cuisine, with plenty of choices to delight both the adventuresome and traditional diners. I have eaten my share of Mexican food as I have reviewed Milagros, The Tortilla Bar, The Black Sheep, Dos Patrillos and Mountain West Burrito. The two newcomers this month are The Blue Poblano and Sweeto Burrito, each bringing uniqueness to the food scene in Provo.

The Blue Poblano is located at 451 West Center Street in Provo and is the new downtown hot spot from the owners of The Black Sheep. You have to really look for this small taco shop as it is easy to miss! At lunch, two people handle the quick counter service and assemble the burritos, tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas. Pretty simple and basic menu, but the food is good without a lot of frills. Prices are extremely reasonable. I tried the Carnitas Burrito, and it was delicious especially with the house-made sauce.

Sweeto Burrito is a franchise, which I typically don’t review. But this one is fairly local as it started in Idaho Falls and is just expanding to Utah, Colorado and Nevada. Sweeto Burrito’s claim to fame is that they are a food truck! Ta Da! Enter Utah County’s second food truck. These guys move around every day, and if you’re a social media junkie, you can track them on their Facebook page.

Sweeto Burrito only sells burritos, but they offer five unique selections. Of course, I had to try all five, but fortunately, I took my two sons and husband to help with the eating. All five options were really good and very different from each other. My favorite? The Smoke House with smoked chicken, chunky bacon, crispy onion rings, cheddar cheese and cilantro ranch sauce … what’s not to like, right? Get a “Featherweight” for $5 or “Heavyweight” for $9.

Never fear, Utah County, we have an abundance of food entrepreneurs ready to keep you amply supplied with your daily dose of Southwest and Mexican food. A big welcome to our latest additions of The Blue Poblano and Sweeto Burrito!

Until next time, remember to fill your life with scrumptious food and love.


Mary Crafts-Homer owns Orem-based Culinary Crafts, which is a 10-time winner of “Best of State Caterer” and International “Caterer of the Year.” 

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