UV moms rule the social media roost

Utah Valley moms, Utah County social media

Utah Valley moms love them some social media, especially on portable devices like smart phones and tablets.

Moms are power users of social media — this we know. And moms with mobile devices? Well, that’s just fuel for the fire. According to BabyCenter’s 2013 Social Mom Report, moms with mobile devices and Facebook pages access Facebook on their mobiles at least weekly in significantly higher numbers than their childless counterparts. Twitter? Same story. The Social Mom Report found moms to be heavy users of all major social networking sites. They tend to have more friends and followers than the general population. In short, they tend to rule the social media roost.

Here are four online sites where busy, mobile Utah Valley moms are serious power players.

  1. Pinterest: It’s the next generation of homemaking, and Utah Valley moms have brought their A-game. Pinterest offers a never-ending supply of ideas for improving quality of life and quality of cuteness, and a foolproof way to search and organize.
  2. Instagram: Utah Valley moms believe in the importance of family record keeping, but are busier than bees. Why not take quick photos and videos with your phone on the go and archive and share them in one fell swoop? Instasolution!
  3. Facebook: Researchers say women are already more likely than men to stay in touch with extended family. Combine that with your characteristically big UV families and big UV hearts, and voila — UV mom gone Facebook fiend.
  4. YouTube: Adorable kid vids and Bachelorette clips — need we say more?
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