BYU LGBT group makes video for suicide prevention


PROVO — Having someone around that truly cares about you can make all the difference, or at least that is the message that Understanding Same-Gender Attraction is sharing in their most recent video.

USGA, an unofficial and independent group at BYU, created a video of BYU students with same-sex attraction sharing their experience of having suicidal thoughts. Their message wasn’t to draw attention to those thoughts, but to make people aware of how they can help in suicide prevention.

“I think that if you’re trying to reach out to somebody, the most important thing you can do is to just be there for them,” one video participant said.

Also, the message addressed people with same-sex attraction that might be contemplating suicide.

“It’s not bad to need help,” another participant said. “If anything, God wants us ask people for help.”

While many of the participants talked about their frustration with statements some members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have said to them, many also talked about how they found peace and comfort in the Church.

“I also found a lot of good things through the rhetoric of the Church,” said a video participant. “I, reading scriptures, realized that whatever I was going through, Christ had gone through too. … Every hard thing I was going through I realized he had gone through too, and he had felt too, and he was walking alongside me my whole life.”

Watch the video below to find out more on how people can help prevent suicide.

Rebecca Lane

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