Pullin’ a Provo: Slang you must know if you live in Happy Valley


Provo SlangProvo has often been called its own little world, and we’re proud of it. We’ve even made up our own little language. Here are some of the most-used words in the Provo slang dictionary so you can get by in life inside “the bubble.” Did we miss one? Add it in the comments.

YOLO: One of P-town’s newest slang words, you’ll often hear youngsters challenging someone’s hesitation to do something with an exclamation of “YOLO!” (You only live once.)

DTR: One of the valley’s well-know acronym-derived slang words, DTR (define the relationship) is used mostly used among college students who are dating and ready to have a deep talk about their relationship status.

Pullin’ a Provo:  A phrase which refers to something often done by Utah Valley’s college student community. Think having a DTR or hiking the Y.

Oh my heck: This classic Happy Valley phrase will give your hometown away quicker than you can say “Oh my gosh.” Don’t forget the acronymic version, OMH, which comes in handy for social media. (Who needs OMG?)

Zoobie: A typical BYU student. Definitions get very subjective beyond that.

Sluff: Derived from sloughing something off, non-Utah-Valleyites often get confused about this slang word for skipping school.

Totes, probs and adorbs: This group of shortened versions of the words totally, probably, adorable and the like seem to be totes loved or hated.


Kim calls Utah Valley home, but she spent her high school years in Australia, where she learned to drive on the other side of the road and tolerate Vegemite. Since earning an English degree at BYU, Kimberly has worked for Covenant Communications, Utah Valley Magazine, Daily Herald and Eat My Words. When she isn't writing, Kim loves traveling, teaching Pilates, and spending time with her husband and three children. Read more from Kim at talkingwordy.com.

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