The story behind BYU basketball’s lip-sync videos


PROVO — What you see isn’t always what you get, at least that is slightly true with the lip syncing videos the BYU men’s basketball team is using to promote home games this season.

The first video was revealed on Oct. 18th to promote the BYU vs. Colorado College exhibition game. In the video, junior guard Tyler Haws is joined by teammates Skyler Halford and Luke Worthington in lip-syncing Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration.” That is what you see.

What you don’t see is the team laughing behind the camera, making it nearly impossible for Haws to maintain composure through these humorous promotional videos.

“You can tell in the first one that Tyler Haws is trying very hard not to laugh because behind the camera all his teammates are laughing at him,” said Bill Hoops, BYU men’s basketball marketing coordinator.

Hoops and Canasian Media’s Jon Howe came up with the idea to make promotional music videos for home basketball games and partnered with Gigg to get the music for the videos. With four freshman on the team and a few transfer players, there are a lot of new faces for fans to get acquainted with this year. The videos seemed like a simple way to have fun while helping fans get to know the new basketball team.

“They are mainly directed at students,” Hoops said. “Before home games for basketball, we send emails to students. They used to just be pictures and information about the game, but we weren’t getting good open rates on the emails, so we thought this was a good way for us to entertain them and get them to open it as well.”

Going forward with the idea, Hoops and Howe chose 16 songs, mainly from the late ’90s and early 2000s.

“We weren’t quite sure about the guys acting abilities, but you can’t go wrong with late night ’80s ballads,” Hoops said.

Then Hoops invited team captain Haws to his office to discuss his opinion on this very important question: “If you could pin this song on a certain guy, who would it be?”

Hoops said he and Haws had a fun time trying to match up players to songs and imagining how the music videos could be.

When the project was presented to the team, Hoops said the team thought the idea was funny, but they were a little tentative when it came down to shooting footage.

“It took them a while to get into it, but now that they’ve seen how it is produced, they got on board pretty quick,” Hoops said.

The team was split up into two groups which recorded for 5-6 hours on two separate days. Each player is in a music video, though not all of the players will have a featured spotlight.

Here are some spoilers you can look forward to:

1. Eric Mika’s “mascara-enhanced” mustache

2. A Lionel Richie song

3. Chase Fischer with a guitar

4. Extremely high end vehicles

5. Eric Mika laying on top of a piano

“They (the music videos) should not be taken serious by anyone ever,” Hoops said.

Hoops hopes the videos will help fans know the BYU men’s basketball players a little better, recognize they are people and cut them some slack when they don’t have a perfect game.

“As good as they are on the floor and as intense as they are at winning, they are even better people off the floor,” Hoops said. “They are good friends and they have a good time as a team. We don’t want them to ever lose, but maybe people can be more tolerable as these are just a bunch of oversized men trying to represent the university.”

Now three of the 16 promotional music videos have been released, including junior Matt Carlino lip-syncing to Skee-Lo’s “I Wish” and freshman Luke Worthington lip-syncing to “Don’t Leave Me” by Blackstreet.

Don’t worry, you’re wish is granted with Carlino’s debut below.

Rebecca Lane

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