Fashion faux pas: 5 wardrobe items you must throw out this fall

Ponchos are on the list of clothing to clean out of your closet this season. (Stock Photo)

Ponchos are on the list of clothing to clean out of your closet this season. (Stock Photo)

No one wants to be caught wearing a bold fashion that has gone way out of style. That’s why we consulted professional wardrobe stylist Alicia Richmond of Chic on a Shoestring about what not to wear this fall.

Richmond earned a bachelor’s degree in clothing and textiles from Brigham Young University and has spent the last 15 years making over women’s (and men’s) closets. You can get wardrobe tips from Richmond on CBS’s Fresh Living every Monday and Friday at 1 p.m.

Aside from wearing socks with sandals, (because you already know that one, right?) here are five fall fashion faux pas. (Feel free to say that phrase 10 times fast before reading on.)

1. Jeans with bling, heavy stitching and heavy distressing

“These were great while they lasted,” Richmond said. “But it’s time to ditch the blingy back pockets, with huge white stitching on the side seams and distressed legs.” Richmond said to opt instead for jeans with clean lines and dark rinses in slim boot, straight or skinny styles.

2. Leggings worn as pants

As comfy as they may be, leggings were never meant to be worn as pants, Richmond said. “Somehow there are a few women breaking the fashion do’s and don’ts when it comes to this essential accessory,” Richmond said. “Wear leggings with a stylish tunic for a fun fall update, or go for jeggings or ankle-length pants if you’re looking for a super slim pant option.”

3. Ponchos

“We all love a throwback to the ’70s, but this trend has come and gone,” Richmond said. Moving on, then.

4. Baby doll tops

“These super lacy over-sized tops with a tie-back option under the chest have thankfully seen their last days,” Richmond said. The problem with an empire-waist baby doll top, Richmond said, is that it gives the woman wearing it the illusion of being pregnant when she is not.

5. Graphic print T-shirts

Richmond says the graphic print T-shirt trend used to be very hot, but now it’s not. “Instead of bold images, opt for the new trend for 2013, which is a leather or lace T-shirt,” Richmond said.


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