Curing ‘Mom Brain’: 5 simple ways to keep your mind active

Keeping books around.

One key to continuing education is to keep books around and spend time reading them.

If you’re a mom, you may be familiar with the term “Mom Brain.” You know, the thing you can shamelessly blame when you forget to pick up your kid from school or leave something important on top of your car before pulling out of the driveway. When sleep is a bygone luxury and most of your social interaction is with people who don’t even know how to tie their own shoes, you may feel as though your brain cells are slowly dying off. But take courage — there are plenty of things you can do to keep your brain from turning into mush. Mother-of-four April Perry says keeping your mind sharp as a mom means creating opportunities to learn in the little moments that pop up throughout your day. Perry is a Brigham Young University alumna and co-founder of Power of Moms, a worldwide support site for mothers.  Here are her tips to keeping those brain cells alive:

1. Listen to podcasts or audio books while you exercise or clean.
2. Get books at the library on a variety of topics while you’re there with your kids.
3. Keep books in the car, by the bathtub and by your bed.
4. Take time out each week or month to have a conversation about something that is really exciting to you.
5. Limit TV and social media.  They can be a great way to relax or connect, but they can also drain your energy and your time.

Extra Tip:

Get Schooled: Going back to school as a mom doesn’t mean you have to be a full-time student. There are hundreds of courses offered to the Utah Valley community at a reasonable price. For UVU’s continuing education offerings, click here. For BYU’s, click here.


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