10 Coolest Entrepreneurs


We’re hanging out with the cool kids — 10 Utah Valley powerhouses who are too hip to be square. 

Mika Lawson

Mika Lawson
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Age: 34

Company: Mikarose Clothing Company, Orem

Try this on for size: When Mika Lawson decided to start Mikarose Clothing Company, she knew nothing about the fashion industry. So she learned. And eight years later, her clothing line of modest dresses, tops, and skirts is a perfect fit. It’s sold at her Mikarose Fashion store at University Mall, in boutiques across the country (including Cherry Lane Keepsakes in Provo), sold in Costco, and sold online to her worldwide fandom. Speaking of the world, Lawson’s on top of it. The New York state native is a globetrotter. Whether she’s in South Korea, China or Italy, she gleefully tries new foods (“I’ll try anything twice!”) and loves to meet new people and experience other cultures. World-class view, clothes to home.

COOLEST Company Moment

When we picked up our first international client and could say we were sold overseas.

COOLEST Bootstrapping Moment

When I went to China by myself for 10 days to source for suppliers.


I hired an employee we found out was stealing from us. I know it was a mistake to have hired her, but I have learned so much from that experience and I am still learning from it. It has made my business better and stronger.

COOLEST Meal Ever Eaten

When I was in South Korea, I had the inners of a special squid that only comes from this remote island off the coast of Korea. It was in this little restaurant in Seoul in some back alley. It was really cool because my husband and I were surrounded by locals and they were surprised we would try the dish.


Once I get something on my mind it is all I can focus on. This drove my mom crazy when I was growing up and now it drives my husband crazy. It’s my greatest weakness and strength.


I always read the news before I start my day.

COOLEST Childhood Memory

My grandfather owned a brick making factory. When I was 6, I would ask him for money so I could buy supplies to make food I could sell to his workers. At the end of the day he would ask me to pay him back, and I always refused because I believed all the money I had was money I made. It never occurred to me that I needed to pay back his loan. He would go on to explain that if it was not for him giving me the money for supplies, I would never be able to make the food in the first place. No matter how many times he explained this, I never gave him the money back and he always allowed me to keep it. I always smile when I think about those discussions with him.



  1. AvatarDedie May Reply

    So proud of our daughter and her spunk. She was like that when she was little and has continued to have it as an adult. It has taken her far. Congratulations Susan we love you.

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