10 Coolest Entrepreneurs


We’re hanging out with the cool kids — 10 Utah Valley powerhouses who are too hip to be square. 

Tom Dickson

Tom Dickson
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Age: 67

Company Blendtec, Orem

Tom Dickson is powered up. He’s the inventor of the most powerful blender in the world. He’s a bonafide YouTube star, with his Will It Blend? videos seen by more than half a billion people. And he’s hobnobbing with the likes of Jay Leno and Whoopi Goldberg (cool View). But even more impressive? There are no power trips. At his entrepreneurial heart, Dickson is a man who won’t settle for producing anything but the best. So at 67 years old, he still researches. He still tinkers. He still experiments. Knowledge is power.

COOLEST Entrepreneurial Moment

When I invented our WildSide blender jar. It happened over Memorial Day weekend in 2001 when no one else was at work. The WildSide jar solved many problems the blending world faced. Most notably, the jar cut down blend time from 40 seconds to 18. Our biggest competitor copied this patented jar, and in 2010 a Utah judge and jury found the competitor guilty of willful infringement. Blendtec was awarded the largest penalty given in a Utah patent case: $24.1 million.

COOLEST Company Moment

When our little company from Orem, Utah, was honored by AdAge as having the No. 1 viral marketing campaign of all time, ahead of Old Spice, Volkswagen and Dove. We have even won a CLIO award for our Will It Blend? series. The only other non–ad agency that’s won that award is Apple.

COOLEST Life Adventure

What better adventure than leaving the safety of a good job to pursue the American dream of owning my own business? I was one of the original employees at Alza Pharmaceuticals in the Bay Area. Alza now has more than 10,000 employees. I would have had a great career at Alza, but the adventure I’ve been on the past 40 years has been amazing.

COOLEST Meal Ever Eaten

I have traveled to more than 20 countries and have eaten pretty much everything you can imagine. My most memorable was a 12-course meal I had in Paris. It had all the trimmings and filled me up for days.


I can whistle really loud.

COOLEST Childhood Memory

Holding the Northern California record for the quarter mile on my 650 Triumph motorcycle at age 15.

COOLEST Compliment

When my wonderful sweetheart, Beverly, accepted my proposal for marriage. Combined, we have 11 kids and 38 grandkids.



  1. AvatarDedie May Reply

    So proud of our daughter and her spunk. She was like that when she was little and has continued to have it as an adult. It has taken her far. Congratulations Susan we love you.

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