A+ Presents: Christmas gifts ideas for teachers

Many teachers prefer practical gifts for Christmas.

Many teachers prefer practical gifts for Christmas.

How do you show appreciation to the men and women who shape the minds of our children? In the words of Utah Valley teachers: “glue sticks.”

When asked to about their favorite Christmas gifts from students, local educators immediately thought about presents that strengthen learning in the classroom. This year, forgo the apple and give the teachers what they really want. Here are some suggestions from two Utah Valley teachers.:


Tina Hansen, 7th grade math teacher and 5th grade teacher at Freedom Preparatory Academy, 10 years


  • I once had a student knit me a scarf and another made me a blanket. Handmade gifts make teachers so happy. I feel like I receive two gifts in one because I also get to see the child’s excitement when he or she gives it to me.
  • When funding is low, teachers have to use their own money to buy items for the classroom. So basic school supplies are practical and much needed gifts. I really do love receiving items like tape, expo markers and glue sticks.
  • I think chocolate is a universal favorite among teachers.


Ronda Hair, 5th grade teacher at Barnett Elementary, 10 years


  • Our PTA comes to our classroom and takes photos of my students and then frames the snapshots for me. This is one of my favorite gifts because it weaves together memories of my students throughout the 10 years I have taught.
  • I like receiving holiday decorations that I can keep in the classroom so I won’t need to bring mine from home. The decorations don’t even have to be Christmas themed; any holiday is great.
  • Personalized gifts are wonderful. I have a couple of tiles with vinyl letter phrases that kids gave me. I have the child sign his or her name on the back so I can always have the tile displayed like a plaque.
  • Schools supplies — mechanical pencils, 3 x 5 note cards and dry erase markers — the things every teacher always needs more of.

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