12 pieces of Utah Valley history for sale on Ebay


With only one week left until Christmas, we’ve scoured Ebay and found some last minute presents that any Utah Valley resident would be lucky to receive.

1. This 1929 sheet music of BYU’s Alma Mater would make a unique graduation gift for the music major in your life.


2. How about a 1987 BYU football team yearbook? Go Cougs!


3. We’re not sure about a date on this vintage postcard of the Abraham Smoot Administration Building on BYU campus, but if we had to venture a guess, we’d place it in the 60s. Love that co-ed style!


4. This listing for Donny Osmond’s wedding announcement claims to be an original. It’s brilliant either way.


5. Nothin’ says Utah Valley history like a Donny doll circa 1976. This one comes in its original Mattel box.


6. Or for the really hardcore fans, maybe a working crew backstage pass to Donny’s 1989 “Soldier of Love” tour?


7. Remember way back when Utah Valley University was Utah Valley State College? This mug commemorates the old ways.


8. As does this photo of the American Fork Tabernacle at the turn of the century being sold by the Utah State Historical Society.


9. This signed photo of Kevin Bacon on the set of “Footloose” in Lehi celebrates one of our favorite toe-tapping times in Utah Valley history.


10. This 1977 Spanish Fork Rodeo pin is also for sale. Fiesta Days has been a Utah Valley tradition for decades.


11. This unused postcard of the Whiting Motel in Springville from the 1960s is listed on Ebay as well. Can you figure out what stands in its place today?


12. This Geneva Transit token was good for one fare to Provo City. It’d be a fun addition to a coin collection.



Samantha Strong Murphey is a lover of greenery, glitter and goat cheese, an advocate of media literacy, human rights and karaoke for all. She earned bachelor's degree in communications from Brigham Young University and is a former writer and editor at Utah Valley Magazine. Now, she works as a full-time freelance writer and blogger based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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