Book review: ’10 Questions to Ask While Preparing for a Mission’

Benjamin Hyrum White's book for prospective missionaries gives examples from the scriptures to help future missionaries prepare. Photo by Breanna Olaveson.

Benjamin Hyrum White’s book gives examples from the scriptures to help prepare future missionaries. (Photo by Breanna Olaveson)

You could say that Utah County seminary teacher Benjamin Hyrum White is passionate about missionary work. After serving his own full-time mission in Denver, he came home and taught at the MTC. He earned his master’s degree in religious education at BYU, where he wrote his thesis on the history of Preach My Gospel.

His latest writing project is less historical and more applicable for future missionaries. “10 Questions to Answer While Preparing for a Mission” (Cedar Fort 2013) covers all the important considerations for prospective missionaries. He addresses the important spiritual questions like “Do I Have a Testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?” and “Am I Truly Ready to Serve the Lord?” He covers practical considerations like “Am I Ready to Work Hard for Over Sixty Hours a Week?” and “Do I Know What Success Really Means?”

White shares quotes from general authorities and examples from the scriptures in each chapter, which aim to help missionaries focus their preparation on important questions without prescribing exactly how they should be answered.

“10 Questions to Answer While Preparing for a Mission” is helpful without being preachy, familiar without being too casual, and helpful without being condescending—a good read for any prospective missionary.


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