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Kneaders is known for healthy salads, sandwiches and soups.

Kneaders is known for healthy salads, sandwiches and soups. Kneaders is building a new headquarters on State Street in North Orem. (Photo courtesy of Kneaders)

By: Mary Crafts-Homer

In our lovely valley, a quiet little giant is growing. The place around the corner we all know and love is becoming an icon in the food world with visions of expansion and service far beyond our borders. Kneaders has become a household name and a “go-to” spot for a quick lunch, soup and bread for tonight’s supper — and a guilty pleasure for a scrumptious treat. But Kneaders has become so much more.

With the holidays around the corner, even Mary Crafts needs a little help with the perfect hostess gift basket, gift card for an employee, or surprise lunch for my exhausted chefs in the middle of December. One of the highlights of my year was when Kneaders opened a location in my town of Spanish Fork.

Hallelujah! I now have a choice in my neighborhood other than stale fast food!

I spoke with Colleen Worthington, founder of Kneaders, about the “Kneaders difference.”

She says, “We are comfort food done fresh. Everything is made from scratch from our delicious pies, to our slow-roasted hand-pulled turkey, to every last loaf of bread.”

She’s talking my language!

But Kneaders is so much more than a Turkey Avocado Sandwich and Pumpkin Bread.

Kneaders now has 26 stores with the newest one in Colorado Springs. Ten stores are planned for 2014. Other Kneaders numbers include 1,350 employees and 10,000 pies baked for Thanksgiving. In one year, Kneaders goes through 1.6 million pounds of bread flour and 650,000 pounds of turkey. Wow!

In addition to their on-site service with a smile, Kneaders also has a gift catalog and online ordering.

And I thought I was busy!

The holiday season bustles at Kneaders with gift baskets and holiday baking. Luckily Colleen stopped working long enough to tell me what she’d like my readers to know: “For heavens sake, try something new the next time you come! That’s why we have such a big variety.”

So I did just that. I ordered the Roasted Portobello Panini and loved it!

Until next time, fill your life with good food and love,  Mary.


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