UV crime: Mostly quiet for Christmas week


Fatal crash

Police suspect a 33-year-old man was distracted while driving on Pioneer Crossing in American Fork on Sunday. His eastbound car crossed over the raised median and into westbound traffic where he was hit by a truck. He was killed in the crash. The driver of the truck wasn’t seriously injured.


Wrapped presents were stolen during a break-in this week at a house in northwest Orem. Police report that a key hidden near the front of the home was also missing.

Former Provoans shot

Two former Provo residents were shot in a car at a San Diego mall on Tuesday. Ilona Flint was able to call 911 to report the shooting, but she died before getting to the hospital. The other person in the car, Salvatore Belvedere, also was shot and was in critical condition on Thursday.

Police are searching for Gianni Belvedere — Flint’s fiance and Salvatore’s brother.


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