The black-and-white drama is refreshingly classic and modern.
The black-and-white drama is refreshingly classic and modern.

November 20, 2012
Story by Briana Stewart
Photography by Photography by McKenzie

[pullquote]“I’ve never been interested in pastels,” Ashley says. “They’ve never spoken to me. But having the gold in my dress was so fun. And while ombre is a big thing now, it wasn’t in 2012 — at least in Utah. I loved having a one-in-a-million dress.”[/pullquote]EVERYTHING ABOUT Orem’s Ashley Powelson is classic.
Her love story? Classically sweet. Ashley met Mitch Murphy in 2009 when she was 16. It was Mitch’s 18th birthday party, and for him, it was love at first sight.
“The first time he talked to me, he told me my eyes were like looking into an ocean of blue,” Ashley laughs. “I thought, ‘That’s the corniest thing I’ve ever heard.’”
But the Orem boy was as corny as he was sincere.
“He later told me he wrote in his journal that night that he saw an angel walk through the room. He’s pretty cheesy,” Ashley says. “And I love him for it.”

The high school sweethearts had a classic love story the next three years — through Mitch’s LDS mission and the rest of Ashley’s high school career. And in 2012, Mitch proposed at Bridal Veil Falls.
As a bride, Ashley was classically gorgeous. Her colors? Black and white with a touch of gold. And her theme? Old Hollywood glamour with a big-city feel.
“I didn’t want my wedding to look like other weddings,” says Ashley, who is the assistant manager at Avenía Bridal. “I work in the industry, and I wanted to stand out. I knew the whole vintage wedding thing was not for me.”
But what does a wedding gown consultant wear for her own wedding?“I knew I didn’t want a dress we had in the store,” she says. “I work with all of these dresses daily. It was important to me that I didn’t know the name of the bride who wore my gown before me.

“We now have the dress hanging in the store, and it’s fun to hear people’s reactions. They either love it or hate it. And if they hate it, I love it even more. It’s not a dress for everyone. It’s a dress for me.”
Her wedding day was equally unique.
“It almost felt like a normal day,” she says. “And I know it’s because everything was just so right.”

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