If Mormons were to pick a delegation of 50 men to represent the church’s “cool factor” to a world-wide audience, who would make the list?

Here is a modest proposal. Who are we missing?


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  1. I have to say, Steve Young being beat out by a bunch of random people doesnt quite make sense…. i would have put him up higher. No offense to the other guys…

      1. That was not obvious to me – I think most people reading this article just jump in and assume the numbers mean some kind of ranking!

    1. I agree 100% with this. Brandon Sanderson finished the Wheel of Time series and has been #1 on New York Times best sellers list multiple times… Brandon Mull, well, he’s pretty good.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing….Present Monson definitely should be on there. He’d be more worldwide known.

  2. I’m glad to hear it is alphabetical! Great list; although there were some I will have to google later. I think that Marvin Goldstein should be on there. He is very cool, talented and funny! He has a great conversion story also.

  3. “Who are we missing”? Uh, how about half the population?

    Seriously, this must be a satire. You must be making fun of the stereotype that Mormon women are only for baby-making. Please say it’s a satire.

    1. As I was scrolling down, I kept looking for Donny’s name on the list (or any Osmond brother) and was disappointed not to see him on the list. I agree, he should definitely been on the list. He is a good guy.

    2. Have to agree. Do you have any idea how many of us became members because of the testimony this man has shared through the years. This is on top of someone that managed not only success to but live his values for over 50 years in one of the most cutthroat and devious businesses out there. can’t take this list seriously without him.

      1. My thoughts exactly! I perused the list fully expecting to see Donny’s name, and was shocked and saddened that he wasn’t on it. He and his family have introduced countless investigators to the church, including myself. His career has been an amazing success story for over fifty years. Leaving him off this list doesn’t make even a tiny bit of sense.

  4. How about:

    Sharlene Wells Hawkes, former Miss America.

    Richard Bushman, distinguished Columbia University faculty member and writer of “Rough Stone Rolling”

    Robert Oaks, former four-star General and Commander and Chief of U.S. Air Forces Europe and NATO Central Europe

    Dallin Oaks, former Chicago Law School Dean and president of BYU

    Kim Clark, former Harvard Business School Dean and current president of BYU Idaho

    1. Sharlene Wells Hawkes is really a man? wow she(he) really had me fooled! I guess then she(he) really should be on this list of THE 50 COOLEST MEN!

  5. I agree Donny Osmond should be on there. Also how could you leave Jeffrey R. Holland off the list? I’d also add Alex Boye and Vai Sikahema. And if the criteria is “Cool” with a capital “C”, the DJ Kaskade fits the bill, no?

    1. I totally, totally agree. Jeffrey R. Holland should be on this list. And Alex Boye, Vai Sikahema and definitely DJ Kaskade. Although I’m not sure who I would take off? Maybe I should have done a 100 Coolest Mormon Men? We’re doing a “coolest Mormon women” on Thursday. Maybe I’ll see about increasing the # for that list? Thanks for the comments!

  6. It is interesting that most of the “coolest Mormon men alive” listed are in athletics (21) and entertainment (15). The rest are in business (4), Education (3), politics (3), writing (2), law (1), and religion (1).

    1. Seeing Danny Ainge at the “top” of the list (although I realize it is alphabetical) really turned me off. Biggest cry-baby and fit-thrower in NBA history and a total embarrassment to true professionals and sportsmen everywhere.

  7. If you do the women, you should include Kaley Sparling… she was Mrs. Idaho, 1st runner up for Mrs. America, and is now Mrs. World! (Have to give her a shout out because she’s my cousin!)

  8. Danny Ainge was one of the dirtiest basketball players ever.
    Glenn Beck admitted in an interview that he only joined the church so he could sleep with his now wife.
    Steve Young is awesome he should be way higher

    1. I’ve seen some comments about political figures on here that are just silly. Something negative could be said about every one of these people, and all of us! For example Steve young making excuses as to not going on a mission when he speaks to a room full of young men, and now that he is loaded, still works on Sundays. I’m not saying this because I think he is a bad person, only to show that he, along with the other “villains” mentioned are not perfect, and it really is none our business. The person doing the list did it for fun! What do you care about Glen Beck and is personal life? Or Harry Reid for that matter! James E Faust was a democrat, served as the chairman for the party and was even appointed by JFK as a civil rights lawyer! Do you have anything bad to say about him? I’m sure you don’t, you bandwagon Mormons! I bet you weirdos would have been critical about him 65 years ago when it happened though! I’m not a fan of Glen Beck, Steve Young, Danny Ainge, Mitt Romney, or Harry Reid but I bet if I listened to them share their feelings about the Gospel, I’d love them. We are all here just trying to do our best. Anyone under a microscope is going to show flaws because we are all a mess. Thank goodness for the Atonement! On a lighter note, Some people missing from your list, is the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, Brett Keisel of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kenneth Cope, Aaron Eckhart.

    2. You are wrong about Glenn Beck. His wife was not LDS when they met. He didn’t join the Church “to sleep with her.” He’s recorded his testimony, given numerous firesides on the topic, and has stated that she wouldn’t MARRY him if they didn’t have a shared religion (hence their “great religion tour” as he has called it. He wrote about it at length in his first book called, “The Real America.”

      As far as Danny Ainge goes, I don’t know about “dirtiest” but he definitely had a short fuse and as I recall, threw his share of histrionic fits on the court.


    (What about those who aren’t still living? Philo T. Farnsworth, Stephen R. Covey, Captain Moroni, etc.)

      1. Wow. Bitter much? I’m praying right now in gratitude that I’m not in your ward and that you have no influence on my family. How can you judge a man’s worthiness to enter the temple that you do not know? Your ignorance betrays you.

    1. I’m not a Reid fan (well, that’s actually the understatement of the year), but I am told he tries very hard to represent the Church–keeps a Book of Mormon on his desk and set up the initial meeting between President Obama and President Monson after Obama was elected, attends church, serves in callings, etc.

    2. Harry Reid has said and done things in Govt that are not LDS thinking/teachings, but are far away. I am surprised he has not been excommunicated, but I think he must walk a fine line there to keep his membership. I am far from alone on that.

  10. Steven Covey’s wife made the cool women list because she was married to a cool guy, but he is not on the list. I suppose if you include the non-living, it would open the list too wide.

    Some of Harry Reid’s comments using the church have been villainous, but his accomplishments are definitely worthy of this list.

  11. How about Michael Benson? In 2001, Benson was appointed as the 14th president of Snow College. Aged 36 at the time, he is the youngest college or university president in the history of the Utah System of Higher Education. Benson was appointed the president of SUU on November 10, 2006. On April 5, 2013, it was announced that Benson was unanimously selected to become the 12th president of Eastern Kentucky University

  12. Paul Bettner creator of Words with Friends
    Sandy Peterson creator of Doom and Quake and HP Lovecraft expert
    J Kirk Richards artist
    Harry Reid

  13. I honestly wouldn’t put even half of the list on a list of the “coolest” Mormons. I had no idea who many of them were. “Most notable”? Sure. “Wealthiest”? Maybe. But “coolest”? Nope.

  14. Billy Casper? Always seems to get forgotten…He won three major championships: the 1959 and 1966 U.S. Opens, and the 1970 Masters Tournament. He was the PGA Tour Money Winner in 1966 and 1968. He was PGA Player of the Year in 1966 and 1970. Casper won the Vardon Trophy for lowest scoring average five times: 1960, 1963, 1965, 1966, and 1968

  15. I am wondering if there was a poll to get the 50 … or just a decision from a group of people working together? I for sure would have a different top 50 or even top 100 for women. Just because there name is known does not necessarily make them ‘cool’ Your forgetting Brad Wilcox, Hank Smith, John Bytheway… Kenneth Cope, Paul Cardall, John Hilton III.

  16. Having a hard time with the list. Would like it better if it were a list of the top 50 PEOPLE you would like to represent the church. Separate men’s and women’s list just seems wrong.

  17. glenn beck and orson scott card are totally great representatives of mormonism to the rest of the world. everyone outside utah valley loves paranoid doomsaying and frenzied homophobia, right?

  18. Glenn Beck made coolest mormon? How? I’d love an explanation. How can such a mean and hateful person be listed as as one of the top 50 coolest supposed followers of Christ? Do you mean “50 most famous mormons?” I could see that, but coolest? The man calls immigrants cockroaches. Is that acceptable within Christ’s teachings? He called those that oppose his politics Nazis. Cool? He got busted by Oprah for completely lying on his show about his run-in with her in D.C. Cool? He’s a fame-hound. He gets paid millions each year to say controversial things. Do you mind illuminating us on your choice to select him?

  19. I also have a question for Beth. You call Harry Reid a “waste of air, and no thank you, he should not hold a temple recommend.” Oh boy, that is a pretty vitriolic statement. I understand not agreeing with his politics (neither do I), but to say what you said is pretty harsh. How can a supposed mormon (I’m assuming you are mormon but obviously I have no idea) that doesn’t know him claim to know if he should hold a temple recommend? Mitt has been busted for many lies himself, do you claim that he shouldn’t hold one either? I could never make that call on either of them.

  20. If it is a list to represent the church to an international group I wouldn’t put hardly any if these people on it. I would want more people like Clayton Christensen and Dieter Uchtdorf, Humtsman Sr., etc. People who have made a difference in the world. There are so many more. I am a sports nut but no athletes please, not unless they have done something that really matters out side of sports. Same for actors. Sorry, not impressed with this list.

  21. How could you forget Bill Marriott? Listen to the man speak for 5 minutes and you’ll know he’s the epitome of cool. Throw Glenn Beck, the hatemonger, off the list and put Marriott on there. .

  22. If you’re gonna include Dave Checketts, don’t you kind of have to through Dave Nieleman in there while your at it for founding Jet Blue (and more recently Azule) in the first place?

  23. vern law. Pittsburgh pirate. world series champion and cy young winner. coach of byu baseball. father of vance law former mlb all-star and also byu coach

  24. Oh brother. This list is for fun. Not one of these men are perfect, duh. Stop taking it so seriously. As prez Uchtdorf says, “stop it”. Confessing other peoples sins is not appropriate behavior for Christians.

  25. You forgot Brady Bluhm – he’s Billy in 4C (the blind kid) on Dumb and Dumber. He was casted and filmed for the second movie coming out in November.

    1. Well that is your opinion, but I greatly admire Gov. Herbert for all the personal hard work he has put in on Utah affairs trying to make Utah government more relevant and helpful to Utahns, as opposed to what our so-called President has done to destroy our country and Constitution Gov. Herbert has tried his best to be a good Governor, and I greatly appreciate his efforts. He is a good man.

  26. I must say, this list has been successful in that it has lots of people thinking and talking. I enjoyed reading it and seeing who someone feels is cool. But for crying out loud, it’s just someone’s idea or opinion. Doesn’t make it right or wrong. It’s just for fun.

  27. Inactive, made some unfortunate decisions, but a great community member and philanthropist, as far as “cool” goes, 2 words: Paul Walker R.I.P.

  28. Orson Scott Card is higher on the list than Uchdorf? I’m sorry, but Orson Scott Card, notorious for his hate of anyone unlike himself, shouldn’t be consider cool by anyone’s standards. Uchdorf, on the other hand, is gentle and kind and nice to everyone.


  29. I agree with some of the earlier comments…Donny Osmond has to be on the list…and if you did an “of all time” Stephen R. Covey would have to be on the list.

  30. Kevin Curtis, one of the all time best nfl recievers. Walk-on at Utah State. Cancer survivor. Most humble person I’ve ever known. He is too cool for this list!

  31. What About Scott Burns?
    I believe he was Executive Director of the National District Attorneys Association, appointed by the President?

    Scott Burns was selected by the NDAA Board of Directors on March 21, 2009, to serve as executive director of the association. While a number of challenges face America’s 39,000 prosecutors, Mr. Burns’s priority is making certain that prosecutors’ voices are heard on every issue involving the criminal justice system. In addition, Mr. Burns oversees NDAA’s internal programs (Child Abuse, Violence Against Women, Gangs and Guns, Traffic Safety, Homicide, Elder Abuse), which are federally funded to provide prosecutors with current state-of-the-art training.

    Mr. Burns was nominated twice by President George W. Bush and unanimously confirmed both times by the United States Senate. Mr. Burns served from 2002 to 2009 first as the deputy director for State, Local and Tribal Affairs, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, and later as the deputy director of the entire agency.

    Heres a link


  32. ARE YOU KIDDING?!? You want to list which mormon men bring the COOL FACTOR and you don’t make any mention of TROY DUNN?!?!? Have you NOT seen him on TV, his hit show on TNT, hanging with his COOL friends Oprah, Barbara Walters, Dr. Phil…
    There is no more current, more COOL mormon man than TROY DUNN! GOOGLE HIM! Watch his show!!
    This list looks like it was made up of people who have never lived outside Utah County!!!
    Expand your horizons people…there ARE COOL, FAMOUS MORMON MEN living outside Utah!

  33. You missed two big ones: Dr. Russell M Nelson- Apostle but also was part of the team (all at BYU) who perfected the heart lung bypass machine making open heart surgery possibly and saving millions of lives. He was also the one to perform the first surgery on a human: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardiopulmonary_bypass
    Gladys Knight: Famous singer, known as the “Empress of Soul”, is an American recording artist, songwriter, businesswoman, humanitarian and author

    1. This is the famous men…. I’m sure Gladys will appreciate you calling her a man.
      If you look at the famous women list, you will find her there. DUH!

  34. Should have looked outside the U.S. Go to Australia or New Zealand and you’ll find some amazing LDS athletes. For example, Sid Going, a player for the NZ All Blacks, recipient of the OBE (Order of the British Empire), Will Hopoate, made famous for going on a mission after becoming one of the best young stars in Rugby League. Expand, think beyond Utah Valley.

  35. You missed Brandon Sanderson, one of today’s foremost and prolific, leading fantasy writers, a professor at BYU and the author of a completely funny blog.

  36. OK, I’ll be bold – how about Jesus Christ? Alive, very cool and I believe He is a Mormon… the Spirit whispers this to me and tells me it is true. And tells me it is true.

  37. Love one another as I have loved you . Heavenly Father loves us all especially (for which I am personally glad) during all our levels of progression and through all the mistakes we make .xx

  38. Thanks for taking the time out to publish this list. Not sure why people are getting so worked up about “who” did/didn’t make the cut.

  39. If you’re going with a current list you’ve got to include Jeremy Guthrie. RHP with the KC Royals, pitched in game 7 of 2014 World Series, and is a solid ambassador of the church.

  40. C’mon, let’s face it – as a church, we have a LOT of wonderful men – and women – who could be on this list just for being great people! Pretty cool, all.

  41. How about Richard Paul Evans, author of the bestselling Michael Vey series? He’s pretty cool, but since you have so many comments to comb through here… Yeah. Sorry about adding on to this. I probably shouldn’t have even said anything, but if you could see this comment I think that would be cool to get him on a list, or at least just mention him in this never-ending stream of comments.

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