LDS Church adds another new temple video

The Gilbert Arizona Temple, being dedicated on March 2, will be the 142nd operating LDS temple. This week the LDS Church began showing a new temple video in select temples. (Photo courtesy LDS Church)

The Gilbert Arizona Temple, being dedicated on March 2, will be the 142nd operating LDS temple. This week the LDS Church began showing a new temple video in select temples. (Photo courtesy LDS Church)

The LDS Church is rolling out another temple video just six months after releasing a new temple instruction video in July 2013.

“An additional temple film is now in use,”  said Cody Craynor, spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “As with previous films, this second instructional presentation is rotated with the film released this past July to give variety.

“Like the first film in use there have been no changes to the script.  English-language copies of the new film are being sent to temples over the next few weeks and will subsequently be translated into other languages.”

There are currently 141 LDS temples operating throughout the world. LDS temples are different than LDS meetinghouses — meetinghouses are used for weekly Sunday services while temples are for special instruction for worthy members of the LDS Church.

Earlier this week, the LDS Church released information for two new temple open houses: the Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple and the Gilbert Arizona Temple. The Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple will hold an open house from March 29, 2014 to April 19, 2014; then it will be dedicated on May 4, 2014.

The Gilbert Arizona Temple announced open house dates starting this Saturday from Jan. 18 to Feb. 15 2014. On March 2, the Gilbert Arizona Temple will be dedicated making it the 142nd fully operating temple for the LDS Church.

Rebecca Lane

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  1. DAGWOOD Reply

    I think producing new endowment films are interesting to watch and hold the attention of those in the audience better because the acting is better and the scenery is pleasurable to look at.
    I have read many comments left on other sites in regard to the films, but something that has never been mentioned is the flagrant departure of some points of doctrine in the all of the movies produced.
    The first is that God did not make Eve out of a rib from Adam’s side. We can read statements made by several general authorities, including Brigham young, Orson Pratt and others regarding where Adam and Eve came from. Another lesser known statement was concerning another female person who predated Eve, but was removed due to her lack of obedience. Her name was Lillith. (Check the Journal of Discourses). Once she was removed, the popular statement of Eve being created out of Adam’s rib was circulated to demonstrate that Eve was, in some way, subservient to Adam.
    We are told in the D & C that angels will not try to deceive mortals by shaking their hands because the mortal will not feel the angel’s hand. However, we are also told in the same Section that Satan and his angels may attempt to shake a mortal’s hand, but the mortal will still not feel anything.
    These two examples and others are found in all of the films that have ever been made. Possibly it is because the Church wants to appear as being politically correct and congruent to what is read in the King James Bible.
    What does seem strange to me is that I am assuming that general authorities have reviewed all of these films and are conversant with the Standard Works and are aware of the doctrines contained therein. As I have mentioned, the errors found in the first film are continually duplicated in the later films. Does that bother anybody else besides me?

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