Elevate Your 2014 Dress Code: Kick your wardrobe into high gear with Cherry Lane Boutique

Looking for 2014 fashion inspiration? Look no further than Cherry Lane Boutique’s Pinterest page. (Photo courtesy Pinterest)

Looking for 2014 fashion inspiration? Look no further than Cherry Lane Boutique’s Pinterest page. (Photo courtesy Pinterest)

For better or worse, we all develop a dress code. For some women, it’s office attire, followed by pajamas the second they set down their keys. For college students and busy moms alike, it’s jeans and T-shirts. But no matter what your standby staples may be, Cherry Lane Boutique in Provo has ideas to take your look up a notch. And with a huge selection of clothing, jewelry, scarves, shoes, handbags and more, this Provo boutique is the perfect place to start. Cue the tips.


Cut the clutter

Stand in front of your closet and take a good, long look. What have you not worn in the past year? What is not even close to fitting? Pull those items out and send them to Deseret Industries. If you are a pack rat, commit to getting rid of at least half the pile. This step will help make room for new items as well as remind you of what you already have.


Very Pin-tresting

Turn to Pinterest to be inspired. Cherry Lane Boutique has colorful Pinterest boards to get you thinking about all things fashion. While you are inevitably going to pin things you might not actually shell out the money for or that you would be a little nervous about wearing in real life, simply noting things you like will help you recognize good style when you see it.


Commit to color

After you are done editing your wardrobe, take a look at the prominent colors in your closet. Do you have too much black? Do you have 10 blue shirts because you look good in blue? Identify a few colors you are missing. Then go shopping and try on clothes in those colors to see which one suits your own coloring best. Cherry Lane carries blazers and tops in a rainbow of colors. Or if you prefer to get your color dose in scarf form, be sure to check out Cherry Lane’s huge scarf collection.


Alteration station

Another key to perfecting your wardrobe is perfecting the fit of your clothes. If your pants are too short, get the hem taken out. Too long? Get them hemmed up. Make sure your dresses fit every part of your body. Few women are the exact same size from top to bottom. Make the clothes you already own look fabulous on you. Also, keep your tailor in mind as you shop for new clothes. If you find an incredible skirt with a hem that falls at the wrong length, calculate the cost of getting it altered before you pull out your wallet.


Assess your accessories

If you keep jewelry neat and organized, you will wear it more. Accessories are usually added last minute, but if you can’t find an earring back or if your necklaces are in a world-record tangle, you’re likely to skip them all together. Once you have accessories in their place, you’ll see whether you could use cute earrings or a statement necklace — both of which can be found at Cherry Lane Boutique.


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    Oh my gosh Kate, this is awesome! I absolutely LOVE Cherry Lane Boutique and shop their regularly. Thanks for posting 🙂

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