Coach’s banking team: UCCU members memo

UVU men’s basketball coach Dick Hunsaker knows what it takes to be part of a winning team — and he has one in UCCU. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

UVU men’s basketball coach Dick Hunsaker knows what it takes to be part of a winning team — and he has one in UCCU. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst)

Dick Hunsaker knows about strong teammates powering you toward your goals.

As the men’s basketball coach at UVU, Coach Hunsaker teaches student-athletes how to make the most of the talent and ability they have through maximum, focused effort.

It’s no surprise, then, that Dick partners with UCCU to do his banking. UCCU brings efficiency, hard work and consistency to the team in order to get the most out of each member’s investment.

Here, Coach Hunsaker shares his thoughts on coaching the Wolverines and being a member of UCCU.


How does basketball play into your overall life?

We are a basketball family. My wife, Diane, has been a basketball widow for 36 years and has been able to stay home and raise a wonderful family. We enjoy spending time together — usually at a sporting event. I have loved living and working in Utah Valley and have been able to enjoy a lot of highlights coaching at UVU. However, the greatest experience has arguably been watching Zachary and Orem High School win the 2012 4A state championship. That was pretty sweet!


When did you become a UCCU member?

I have been a member ever since they opened a branch on UVU’s campus. Three of my children have attended UVU and they’ve each opened an account, too.


What is your favorite aspect of banking with UCCU?

The people. I’m so impressed with their customer service and friendliness. UCCU has extended support to my basketball program through the entire transition to Division I, and now it’s very exciting to be playing in a building called the UCCU Center. The credit union has been visionary in developing banking services that are friendly and tailored to the UVU student. My children use the UVU Campus ID and debit card combo (UVU Plus Card) and have utilized UCCU’s MoneySmartUniversity program to help them build good credit.


How has UCCU’s online banking services helped you?

The UCCU online banking services are customer friendly and easy — even for a non-savvy online user like me. I always feel safe and secure about any online transactions.


What other ways does UCCU help the UVU basketball program?

Every year, Karen Tebbs (director of business development) and Brad Norton (senior vice president) speak to my team, giving each player financial information and counsel. Some of the topics covered are establishing credit, defining compound and simple interest, avoiding unnecessary debt and building a sound financial base for the future. They also give guidance on how to make prudent financial decisions and the importance of financial discipline. l

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