BYU announces new youth camp based on Covey’s ‘7 Habits’


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In addition to the 30,000 teenagers swarming the BYU campus during the Especially For Youth program this summer, more teens will participate in a new youth camp, Habits for Life, a program focusing on principles of Stephen R. Covey’s best-selling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

BYU is always adding new camps because of demand, said Sharon Meyers, the camp administrator. Even with space for 30,000 participants, EFY turns applicants away every year.  Although Habits for Life will be structured similar to EFY, the content will be exclusively from Covey’s “7 Habits.”

“It’s an exciting new camp,” Meyers said. “We want the kids to go home with skills, not just ideas.”

Designed to be a smaller camp, Habits for Life will have three 1-week sessions, each with space for 300 participants. Both LDS and non-LDS youth will feel comfortable at the camp, according to Meyers.

The camp is designed for practicing life skills and habits made famous by the LDS author’s self-help book. Meyers said parents are excited about the camp, but their children are questioning if the camp will be fun.

“BYU has learned that with youth camps, you’ve got to have a fun, engaging, social environment or the kids don’t want to come,” Meyers said. “Once you meet all those needs, they’re really receptive to having a powerful learning experience.”

In addition to hands-on practice of the “7 Habits” skills, Habits for Life will include “fun, social activities, including two dances,” according to a press release.

Sessions of Habits for Life will be held June 2-7, June 9-14 and Aug. 4-9, 2014. The camp is for youth ages 14-18 and the cost is $595. For more information, visit


Amy McDonald is a reporter with a degree in journalism, American studies and international development from BYU. She is a lover of the sky and a human rights advocate.

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